Loto-Quebec taking bets on Trump presidency


MONTREAL – Bets on the outcome of a Donald Trump presidency are officially open.

On Wednesday, Loto-Quebec invited players on its Mise-o-jeu platform to wager on the following question: “Will Donald Trump still be president of the United States after May 1, 2018?”

According to its current odds, the provincial Crown corporation seems to believe it’s likely he’ll still be in office — about three and a half times more likely.

Bettors who put $1 on Trump’s departure would receive $3.65, compared to only $1.10 for those who wager he will stay.

These odds, however, can vary over time, depending on news events and other changes.

Betting will be open until Oct. 1.

Spokesman Patrice Lavoie said Loto-Quebec reaches its odds through an internal analysis that includes news and polls.

“It is a careful calculation that ultimately allows us to demonstrate whether there is a greater chance that the yes or the no will prevail,” he said.

It’s the latest foray into political betting for the Quebec Crown corporation, which also took wagers on the outcome of last year’s U.S. presidential election.

That one set a Loto-Quebec record as “our most popular non-sporting bet of all time,” Lavoie said.


  1. I didn’t like him before he became Pres. and now I really don’t like him. He is an arrogant ass. I thought that Bush was an idiot but this guy really takes the cake. I don’t tweet so if anyone else does and wants to tweet this message for me, to him, by all means do so.

    • I concur .He is a bully and no friend of Canada. I hope Trudeau can start spending a little time in Canada and stands up to Trump.It is really sad that the USA could not come up with better candidates than Trump and Clinton.

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