Male strangles victim and then makes more threats


On May 16th, 2017 officers from the Patrol Division of the Sault Ste Marie Police Service arrested a 32-year-old male in relation to an assault.

It is alleged that on or about April 1st, 2017 the accused engaged in a verbal argument with the victim. The accused grabbed the victim’s throat and squeezed it while pushing her up against a wall.

Later, on May 1st, 2017 the accused was again engaged in a verbal argument with the victim. The accused pushed the victim to the floor, grabbed her by the throat, and threatened to kill her. After the victim was released the accused followed her into another room and threw her onto a bed pinning her down. When the victim was attempting to leave the accused grabbed her by the throat again and pinned her to a wall.

Further, on May 16th, 2017 the accused and victim engaged in an argument which resulted in the accused forcibly took a set of car keys from the victim’s hand causing a small cut. The accused then grabbed the victim by the throat and pinned her up against a wall while covering her mouth with his hand. The victim was able to push the accused off of her and leave the residence. Later that evening, the accused left the victim multiple voicemail messages saying that he was going to destroy property that belonged to her.

Police were contacted, and the accused was subsequently arrested. The accused has been charged with five counts of assault, one count of threatening death and one count of threatening to destroy property. He will appear in bail court today.


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