Meet the Sault’s biggest loser


Spotted at the corner of Second Line and Great Northern Road Saturday. For the second year in a row someone from a local hockey pool “lost the bet”.

According to comments left on our FB page, Brian Ducharme was this years loser and had to put on a dress, sign and stand at the corner of the Soo’s busiest intersection to continue the tradition.

If you recall met up with last year’s loser,  Casey Woods  and we even got video of him settling his bet.


  1. The people who support this type of humiliation are the real losers here because the only humiliation going on here are toward the transgenders. Get educated about transgender people and get educated about what a sport or game is supposed to be about.

  2. So Sault online, what you are saying is it’s alright for this type of humiliation to take place of a man wearing a dress? Shame on you for posting this as news. This type of news perpetuates transphobic ideas and sets us back 50 years as a community that embraces those that choose to break those gender lines. Grow up and stop the hate!

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