NDP says byelection will be about jobs


NDP candidate Joe Krmpotich welcomed Wednesday’s news that the Sault Ste. Marie byelection has been called for June 1 – and said the campaign will be all about good jobs for the Sault – especially for young people.

“Joe has spent his career fighting for working families in the Sault,” said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. “It’s time Sault Ste. Marie people had a real voice at Queen’s Park; and his tireless focus on bringing jobs to his community is truly inspiring.”

Krmpotich said his focus is on creating good jobs that you can raise a family on, right in the Sault region.

“Our kids shouldn’t have to leave home to find opportunity and a good career,” said Krmpotich. “Young families want to raise their own children here, where they grew up. And they need and deserve stable, well-paying jobs in order to do that.

“Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals have done a lot of damage. Jobs have left, opportunities and programs for youth entrepreneurs have been cut. She doesn’t understand what she’s doing to people and families, and we can’t let her do any more damage.”

Krmpotich said the Conservatives aren’t the answer.

“The Conservatives have a cut-and-privatize plan,” he said. “And more cutting and more privatization is not what Sault families need – we’re already struggling with skyrocketing hydro bills as a result of privatization.”

While good jobs you can raise a family on is Krmpotich’s top priority, he said he is also running to deliver several other NDP commitments that are critical to the Sault, including:

· The NDP plan to cut hydro bills by 30 per cent – which includes reversing the privatization of Hydro One and putting it back into public hands.

· The NDP’s commitment to create the first universal Pharmacare program – so everyone can get the medicine they need, and no one has to empty their wallet or rack up credit card bills at the pharmacy.
· The NDP’s push for more work-integrated learning opportunities. A proposed NDP bill on work-integrated learning will create more on-the-job experience through colleges and universities, which will help graduates get a job and launch their career right out of school.

“The NDP is going to create jobs and opportunities, and put a stop to the practice of forcing people to drain their bank accounts for necessities like the hydro bill and prescription medicine.

“I’m going to work hard in this byelection so that I have the opportunity to deliver those things for our community,” said Krmpotich.

Krmpotich is a Ward 6 City Councillor for Sault Ste. Marie. He’s also a third-generation Steelworker, a husband, a dad and a lifelong Sault resident. He was nominated to be the NDP candidate in the Sault Ste. Marie by-election in January.


  1. Spoken like a true politician. They all promise good paying jobs but never deliver. What magic formula does Mr. K have that will bring these jobs to this city? Perhaps he should have worked on the jobs initiative while serving on city council.

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