NDP’s Horwath, Krmpotich commit to funding to keep Huron Central Railway Algoma jobs alive


NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and byelection candidate Joe Krmpotich announced their funding commitment to keep the Huron Central Railway rolling in order to protect and create good jobs in the Sault.

“Huron Central’s line to Sudbury is how Algoma (Steel) gets Sault products to market,” said Krmpotich. “Without it, hundreds of jobs will be lost. I’m proud to say that the NDP won’t let that happen.”

Horwath said if the NDP forms government next year, it will fund the province’s fair share of capital costs for the line – $4 million per year for five years. Huron Central Railway needs funding to complete upgrades required by new federal safety regulations in order to continue operating.

“It’s time to turn things around in the Sault – including protecting and creating the jobs the city needs to thrive,” said Horwath. “We’ll make sure the Sault-to-Sudbury line is there to protect the plant and mill jobs we have in this region, and that the railway can be a part of a new era – building up the local economy and driving growth.”

The Huron Central Railway travels from Sault Ste. Marie to Sudbury, and the majority of its customer business originates in the Sault. Without the railway, Algoma and other resource and manufacturing jobs would be in serious jeopardy.

“Too many young people have left the Sault because of the lack of jobs and the uncertainty,” said Krmpotich. “Kathleen Wynne has done too much damage to our local economy, and the Conservatives’ plan to cut even more isn’t the answer.

“We can start moving in the other direction. We can create more jobs and opportunity. We can build an economy that will allow our kids to stay. But we need a fighter to stand up for our community. I’m ready to fight for the Sault, including new jobs, and each and every Algoma mill job.”



  1. The nap are promising jobs, jobs, jobs. The ndp promise to fix healthcare. The ndp promise to save the jobs at Algoma. The ndp promise to sell you a bottle of shampoo that grows hair. No wait not that; that’s sold by the travelling salesman who’s travelling thru town. Seriously folks ???? What the ndp is selling you is a lot of smoke & mirrors. Enjoy your Saturday folks.

    • Randy…you are probably correct. I do give the NDp credit for putting on a good clean fight. Leader Horvath has been here many times in support of her candidate. I wonder why Ms.Wynne has failed to show more than once to support HER candidate….or has she conceded ?

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