NOP wants reasons why party excluded from conference and discussion


The establishment/big 3 parties are afraid and intentionally leave out the only Northern Ontario based party!

Released May 8th, 2017, it was announced that the Liberals, Conservatives and the Democrats would all be hosting a conference in North Bay to discuss a “Greater Northern Ontario”. This announcement fails to impress as the establishment once again is concerned with the growing passion of Northern Ontarians who are not Establishment related do not include the Northern Ontario Party and its leader Trevor Holliday.

What does Wynne, Horwath and Brown know about Northern Ontario except that we fund their wild games and parties mistakes over the history. With this exclusion of the NOP the party feels that this is another example of the exclusion of true Northern point of view.

There is no true opposition in Northern Ontario to the Northern Ontario Party leader and therefore this conference is a fact finding mission on the establishment to find more ways to buy votes as they are running out of ideas because they have used them all up with the responses to the announcements the Northern Ontario Party has made.

Majority of Mayors in Northern Ontario are card carrying Conservatives or have run as such previously so they would not even bother voicing any disagreement with the establishment. What are they afraid of and when will the antics of a Toronto/Establishment run discrimination of Northern Ontario end?

We demand an explanation and inclusion into the conference and it made public. Failure to do so will show the ignorance and lack of true inclusion of ALL Northern Ontarians and ALL Northern Ontario parties/politicians.


Trevor Holliday

Northern Ontario Party Leader