OLG Employees vote for decertification

This was the scene last week as the Local staged information pickets.

A week ago, members of PSAC Local 946, representing employees of the OLG, were holding information pickets after frustrations of trying to negotiate their first contract.

Today, there is no union. Employees voted to decertify from the union Wednesday.

The vote of 170 to 141 in favour of decertification leaves the staff working in the payroll, finance and information technology back to where they were in 2015 when employees voted in union representation.

The union and company have tried to come to terms of a first contract for over a year however only 17 of the 70 items on the table were accepted.  The union executive told SaultOnline.com last week that keeping jobs in the Sault was a major concern. With the modernization of the OLG , that is still in the works, could eventually mean farming out certain job potions to another party.

A conciliator was requested to help bring both sides together, however after the decertification a collective agreement is no longer being negotiated.

The decertification vote stemmed from some of the union membership that were fed up with the lack of progress being made in the talks. The Ontario Labour Relations Board ordered the vote.



  1. OLG jobs? They won’t be OLG jobs anymore. They’re now private sector jobs. And is is likely many are cut it will just be another example of how padded public payrolls are. Jobs that are just wasting tax dollars. Pity they won’t privatize the whole company. Just look at the marketing dept of the Lottery. Filled with overpaid unnecessary bodies selling a product people buy anyway. It’s pure idiocy. And if marketing is over staffed I’m sure other departments are as well. Just a bunch of bureaucrats living off the public dole.

    • Listen Lobes. Quit stating the obvious. The sheep have their heads buried so far in sheep manure, they can’t hear you. Even with bear ear (lobes)

  2. Some of the sheep finally woke up and saw what this parasitic union cash grab was all about. Good for them. They will likely be the ones, if any, that may secure themselves a job when the modernization dust settles. The rest of the sheep can go blindly on looking for another place to try to work as little as possible for as much taxfunded pay as they can grub together, without having to use their own individual minds.

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