Over 3,000 cast ballots in advance polls


Elections Ontario report  that 3,065 voters cast ballots at the advance polls for the Sault Ste. Marie By-election.

Advance polling took place between May 20th and May 26th.  In comparison, 3,966 voters cast ballots in the advance polls for the 2014 General Election.

Election day is June 1st with an estimated 62,944 eligible voters.

There are a total of seven candidates running to fill the seat for MPP. David Orazietti held the seat for 13 years before retiring from politics in December 2016.

On Election day there will be 400 election workers and 52 voting stations in the riding.


  1. I hope the day soon comes whereby we can vote on line. In this way more folks will vote and be more representative of what voters really want elected. I wonder if Ms Wynne will make a last minute effort to arrive in the Soo to support Debbie. She showed up twice where the other 2 main candidates had their leaders here 9 times. Did Ms Wynne pack it in as another of many losses to come?

    • Polls show that Wynne is actually a detriment to her party. A Postmedia poll last year showed the Liberals ahead of the PCs without Wynne but behind (like PC majority behind) with her. This year, a Sun Media / Forum poll of Torontonians said that nearly 30% of voters leaning PC/NDP would be more likely to vote Liberal without Wynne. So it would seem that a last-minute Wynne appearance would do the exact opposite of what she’d intend.

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