PCs will be a strong voice for Sault Ste. Marie : Brown


Today Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown and Ontario PC candidate Ross Romano expressed their disappointment of the Wynne Liberals’ treatment of Sault Ste. Marie and the north.

“Kathleen Wynne’s budget was an attack on Northern Ontario,” said Brown. “The Liberals always find a way to leave the hardworking northern families paying more and getting less.”

The Liberals’ 2017 Budget cut $70 million from the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, and removed any reference to the development of the Ring of Fire.

“The Liberals first promised action on the Ring of Fire in 2014 but we’ve seen no action,” stated Brown. “Every year since they’ve paid lip service in their budget and now they’ve removed any reference altogether. The Wynne Liberals are no longer hiding it – they have completely abandoned the Ring of Fire.”

Romano committed to fighting to develop the Ring of Fire and for a processing facility to be built in Sault Ste. Marie.

“The Ontario PCs will be a strong voice for the Sault,” stated Romano. “Unlike the Liberals, I will not let Sault Ste. Marie and the north go ignored. I am the only candidate that represents change for the better for Sault Ste. Marie, and will fight for the Ring of Fire and good paying jobs for our community.”


  1. I am still waiting for SPECIFICS from the Conservatives. So far there is a lot of criticism of the Liberals(well warranted)…but…let’s not dwell on them. Tell us Mr Brown/Romano…specifics please !!!

    • I get the feeling that they’re playing this as a referendum against Wynne and seeing how far that will get them. Fair play to them since it seems to be working. The NDP sure seem to be playing this more like a trial for next year’s election to see what traction their platform gets them ahead of 2018. I expect the results of this by-election to impact their 2018 campaigns so we might be treated like a focus group.

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