Police bust identity theft ring, arrest 2

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TORONTO – Police say they’ve busted an identity theft ring in the Toronto area that allegedly caused $10 million in losses to residents in Canada and abroad.

The cross-border investigation — dubbed Project Royal — involved Toronto police, the RCMP, several provincial ministries and U.S. agencies.

Toronto police say two men have been arrested and warrants are out for two others.

They allege the suspects involved lived lavishly off the proceeds of crime and say one man had access to a person who provided legitimate identity information for a fee.

Police say they seized about $300,000 worth of goods that included luxury watches, jewelry and about 90 pairs of shoes.

They also say a number of allegedly fraudulently obtained credit cards and allegedly stolen mail, as well as notebooks with identity information of about 5,000 Greater Toronto Area residents were seized as part of the investigation.

Adedayo Ogundana, 45, also known as Oladipupo Ogund, of Toronto, faces numerous fraud charges.

Adekunle Johnson Omitiran, 37, of Toronto, is charged with numerous counts of fraud and identity theft.

Police have issued a warrant for Duro Akintola, 44, also known as Michie Noah, of Toronto, and Emmanuel Salako, 47, of Toronto, also known as Gee Salaq, is wanted in the United States under the name George Salako.


  1. As a victim of identity theft myself…let me just say these idiots need to work ….excruciating manual labour…one minute at a time for pennies….do not let them on govt assistance of any kind at any time….they took enough from people…let them work their fingers to the bone for every tiny thing they want…jerks

    I don’t wish identity theft on anyone. It is creepy and a huge violation of someone’s privacy. Many many hours …for over 6 months now…changing passwords and following paper trails….it’s not done yet either…issues still surfacing currently

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