PUC President and CEO retiring


Today, PUC Services Inc. announces that Dominic Parrella, President & CEO has informed the Board of Directors of his intention to retire after 30 years of service to the company. At the request of the Board, Mr Parrella will continue in his current role until his replacement is hired. The search for a new President & CEO will commence immediately and should be complete by the end of the summer.

“I have had the good fortune to work with tremendous people in my career with PUC. I want to express my sincere gratitude to our dedicated and skilled employees for their efforts and support over the years,” said Dominic Parrella. “I appreciate the opportunity the Board has given me to lead this dynamic company, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of the Sault Ste. Marie community.”

Mr Parrella, who joined PUC Services Inc. (then the Public Utilities Commission) in 1987, came from the petroleum industry, where he was involved in oil and gas exploration across Europe and North Africa. He began his career as an engineer for the Commission and worked his way up to his current role as President & CEO in February 2013.

“I want to publicly thank Dominic for his service and dedication to PUC, our customers, our employees, and the community,” says PUC Services Board Chair, Jim Boniferro. “Dominic has played a critical role in the development of this organisation, and while he will be missed, we wish him all the best in his retirement.”


  1. Yes I’m afraid he really dropped the ball on that one our water is still horrible to this day.
    I hope he never forgets about that major blunder because we sure can’t.

  2. Very well said. Exact and to the point.
    I would say our household has spent over $2000 on bottled water, Brita’s and dozens of replacement filters since his small minded decision ruined our delicious tasting water.
    We could only hope to ever get it back.

  3. Thanks for nothing, destroying what used to be the best tasting water anywhere and making us buy bottled water and filter systems, pitchers, filters ever since this travesty began.
    The first two years of your pension should reimburse the citizens for the tens of thousands that they have spent on what should come out of our tap and be drinkable without gagging, and be able to shower and bathe without causing all sorts of skin irritations.
    My dog even turns his nose up at your new ‘improved’ water and many friends tell me the same about their pets.
    You should have resigned the day after you approved this ridiculous plan to save a little bit of money at the expense of destroying our water forever.

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