Romano Stands up for Steelworkers


Today, Ross Romano appeared in front of United Steelworkers Union Local 2251 and made the case that it was time they had a strong voice at Queen’s Park with a representative who has the energy to fight for them.

At the All Candidates Meeting held this morning, Mr. Romano made a powerful case that, as the PC candidate, he was best suited to defend the rights of steelworkers and create jobs in Sault Ste Marie.

In his remarks Romano said, “For too long the Sault has been forgotten… It is time we become the economic engine of Northern Ontario.”

Mr. Romano also renewed his commitment to develop the Ring of Fire and build a processing facility saying “We need jobs in the Sault” like the 2000 positions that development could create.

Mr. Romano would like to thank Local 2251 for organizing the meeting.

“The Steelworkers Union has been a pillar of our community for decades, and I have been very frustrated with how they have been treated by Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals. I was very happy with the reception to my remarks at the meeting today, and I look forward to working with United Steelworkers as the MPP for Sault Ste Marie.” Romano said.


  1. One thing I learned in this by election is the Liberals and Conservatives spew out the same Garbage just in different coloured bags.So after a lot of soul searching I am still a Conservative.What I don’t like is the BS coming from someone who say and do things they no nothing about.I don’t know anything about Steel workers so why would I pretend to care about them.When I really don’t. I HAVE never worked in the Steel Plant.My career was in the RCN and reserves for 32 years The Steel Plant is important to this City and who better to served the best interests of Steel workers is A steel worker Joe Krompotich.

  2. Very good to hear that it is realized that the Steelworkers need a strong voice at Queens Park. Thankfully, Joe Krmpotich is a 3rd generation steelworker and a member of 2251. Joe has already made a difference through his past lobbying efforts at Queens Park. If anyone knows the ropes and understands the needs of our Union, it is Joe Krmpotich. He has done the time, he has volunteered countless hours for the community. He isnt a back water contender that ‘all of the sudden’ cares. Joe is the real deal.

  3. Really Ross? The Steelworkers would prefer you over someone who is actually a Steelworker. Someone who has actually worked in the plant, who has dealt with their day to day issues, and has fought for their rights and quality of life? I’m sure Steelworks are a big fan of the Union Busting policies of the Conservative platform.Give your head a shake. #VoteJoeK #NDP #USW

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