Romano will Fight to Make Life Affordable for our Children


I’ve spent a lot of time over the course of this by-election talking about making sure our children have a future in Sault Ste Marie. I have three young sons and raising them has made it clear to me that we need to think about who will be paying the price for policy we create today.

That’s why I was angry yesterday when Ontario’s Budget Watchdog confirmed what we’ve long suspected: that Kathleen Wynne’s so-called Fair Hydro Plan will actually raise hydro prices and cost Ontarians up to $93 billion. Kathleen Wynne will do anything to win in 2018 and with this unfair hydro plan she is charging our children for her re-election campaign. Our hydro rates will be increasing year by year.

By 2028, we can expect rate hikes of 12% every year. With these rates, local businesses will struggle to keep the lights on.

Sault Ste Marie needs to attract business to provide the jobs that our young people desperately need. We can’t do that when electricity is so much more affordable in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania and right across the border in Michigan. The high cost of living this will cause will drive more people out of the Sault. The other local candidates claim to want to create opportunities in Sault Ste Marie, but fact is that the Liberals and NDP have consistently stood in the way of every opportunity for progress with wrong-headed policy decisions.

If we want our kids to have a future in this city, that needs to change. The Ontario PCs will deliver that for our city. If you choose to send me Queen’s Park, I promise I will fight for our city.


  1. Here’s a shocker for some of you. The ndp will NOT deliver jobs for this Community. The ndp will not have any input in the Ring of Fire. The ndp will not save Essar Steel (aka. Algoma). The ndp will not keep more youths in the Soo, making false promises of them being able to stay here and raise their families. The ndp is all about talking points. The ndp is all about smoke and mirrors and absolutely nothing of substance. By the way, why doesn’t andrea stay in Hamilton a little more and worry about her own constituents at Stelco who are fighting a losing battle. Why doesn’t andrea stay in her home town and deal with her own problems. Does anybody know why she keeps walking around the streets of SSM ?? Maybe andrea is trying to avoid a problem she doesn’t want to deal with. Like the old saying, “burying her head in the sand”, maybe ???
    Please folks, let your voice be heard. Let’s vote and vote responsibly. The cupboard is bare with these libs, folks, unless these libs have already started up the money making machine at Queen’s Park.
    Good luck to all of us, especially those of you who pay the bills in this Province.

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