Ross Romano Address Real Estate Concerns at Board Meeting


Ross Romano appeared before the Real Estate Board and demonstrated why he is the best candidate to represent Sault Ste Marie at Queen’s Park by presenting a clear willingness to fight for realtors and other local business people.

“Realtors are pillars of their communities and hardworking small business owners. It is time to cut red tape in Sault Ste Marie and make life easier for local businesses,” said Romano. Romano spoke to the need to ensure realtors could reach their full potential and not be held back by government red tape and regulatory burden, noting “the Ontario PC Party wants to give our realtors the same business rights as everybody else”.

The Liberal and NDP candidates failed to present a plan to stand up for realtors by easing any their business pressures, while Romano recognized their hard work, the challenges their face, and committed to supporting them in Ontario’s legislature.


  1. That’s right Frank. Self-serving, smooth-talkin’ Ross is CHOOSING to leave his wife and three VERY young children to fend entirely for themselves every week (at best). When he could have chosen to stay here in Sault Ste. Marie to be the same kind of loving father, and provider that his loving and hard working parents were to him. But smooth-talkin’ Ross is too selfish to choose that. Give me someone with integrity. Anybody!!!

    Actions speak louder than words Frank. And so far in his short 2 year history of representing Ward 6 residents that he also promised to fight for he’s pretty much done nothing.

    Ward 6 mission accomplished Rosscoe?

    Now Ross is off to much bigger and better things for Ross.

  2. What a sad, no, I have to actually say, pathetic commentary Mark. As you sit there in your arm chair. Ross comes from a hard working, blue collar family upbringing. Ross worked hard to get to where he is today. Smooth-talking and self-serving, you say ??? What do you call what Orazietti did, when he left his position as your MPP, in mid-term, and left SSM high and dry ??? Pray tell us Mark …………..
    Ross wants to be your MPP at Queen’s Park. How dreadful; he will leave his wife and 3 children to represent you; gone Monday to Friday and return on weekends. And what about Joe, his ward-mate ? What do you call him. Self-serving too ??? Seriously Mark…….

    • One more thing Frank. If you want to vote for a smooth-talkin’ politician like Ross Romano who does nothing at city hall but talk, and talk, and talk, and who immediately left the west end where he grew up to buy a fancy house after he became a lawyer, and who then went back and used his parents’ west end friends and neighbours to get himself elected in Ward 6 only to abandon those same strong, kind, hard working west end folks AGAIN at the first opportunity. Then be my guest. That tells me a lot about you Frank.

      Me. I’ll be voting for the straight-talkin’ guy who grew up in the west end. Worked hard in the west end. Went to school at Algoma U so he could stay town in the west end raising his family until they were fully grown, then after graduating going back to Algoma Steel and fighting for his hard working brothers and sisters at the plant AND figiting for his west end friends and neighbours.

      Straight-talkin’ integrity. That’s who I vote for.

  3. Ross Romano is the same smooth-talkin’ politician who said he’d be fighting for Ward 6 residents just a few short years ago. What did he do? He took his political promise to Ward 6 residents and left them high and dry when a better offer came along for Ross. Don’t kid yourselves, Ross doesn’t care about you or your lives or your earnings, or making your life easier. Smooth-talkin’ Ross Romano only cares about one thing… getting your vote so he can make life better for Ross.

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