Ross Romano falsely claims Conservatives support union jobs says Liberal Camp


Conservative Leader Patrick Brown has a proven history of voting against labour rights

In front of the Steelworkers at a recent debate, Conservative candidate Ross Romano claimed “We are a new party and we are committed…to good paying union jobs” and insinuated this is because of the new Conservative Leader, Patrick Brown.

But the facts are clear: throughout his time as a career politician since his early twenties, Patrick Brown has always voted against workers’ and union rights.

Here are the facts:

· As a Stephen Harper backbencher, Brown voted in favour of dozens of pieces of legislation designed “to undermine the ability of unions to advocate for workers”, according to the Canadian Labour Congress.

· As a Harper backbencher, Brown was part of a government that showed “Contempt for workers and their means of acting in solidarity: unions”, according to Richard Perron, President Union of Public Employees.

· As a Harper backbencher, Patrick Brown voted for legislation that “was designed to make it harder for workers to unionize and easier for unions to be decertified”, according to the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

· As a Harper backbencher, Patrick Brown voted in favour of the anti-union Bill C-525, which was opposed by a wide array of unions, including the NHL Players’ Association.

· Patrick Brown was a proud member of a federal Conservative government that “passed more anti-union legislation than any other federal government in the history of Canada”, according to the Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights.

· Patrick Brown voted in favour of Bill C-377, which would force unions to disclose salaries to the CRA, which the Canadian Labour Congress called “draconian”

More recently under Brown’s watch, the Conservatives introduced Bill 83, the Fairness in Labour Relations Act, which would make it more difficult for hard working Ontarians to exercise their rights under the Labour Relations Act. Just last week, Brown hastily pulled this anti-union bill to avoid showing his true colours during this by-election.

But we know what Brown’s caucus believes. Brown’s own labour critic, John Yakabuski, has been on record multiple times calling union members “predators” (October 21, 2014).

The Conservatives under Patrick Brown refuse to share any meaningful plans and are routinely caught saying one thing to one group of people and the opposite to another. We know that throughout their career, Conservatives like Patrick Brown have opposed labour rights, but they’ll say anything to try to win a by-election.


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