Ross Romano Statement on Proposed Debate challenge from Debbie Amaroso

Romano-Brown Meet & Greet

The following was released by the Ross Romano camp to

Today our office learned that I was tagged in social media by Ms. Amaroso asking whether I would attend a ‘proposed debate’ being arranged by the Liberal campaign for May 12th.  This ‘proposed debate’ was not in any way being organized by a local community group but by the Liberals themselves.

To be clear, I welcome the challenge to participate in as many debates as possible, provided they are bona fide debates, in an impartial and objective forum, moderated by impartial and objective people and with appropriate notice.  This ‘proposed debate’ is no debate at all as it falls short on all fronts, much like the Liberals management of this province over the last fourteen years.  I am not at all surprised that a government plagued by scandal, corruption and mismanagement would stoop to this level to try to confuse our voters from the real issues.

I, however, will not be sidetracked from my primary goal of working every possible minute of every day to prove to you that I am committed to fight for the residents of Sault Ste. Marie.  I believe it is more important to earn your support than it is to ask for it.  That is why my team and I began knocking on doors in early January and have been knocking on doors every day since.  We are not interested in political games meant to put a spin of misdirection on a story that doesn’t exist.  I am simply going to work to earn your support in order to prove to the people of Sault Ste. Marie, why I am the best candidate to represent you at Queens Park.


  1. Bri, your entire world is “HOW and at what COST you ARE GOING TO FIX THINGS”, in other words fixing a huge mess the Liberals have created…maybe you can put a dollar on it cause no one else can. How do you rectify all these wrongs that have been committed, the money’s been spent.
    The Liberals try to appease both the centre and left wing for support so if you voted for them, suck it up because what happened is expected.

    Canadians want social engineering, they want the government to do everything but wipe their butts and this comes at an extreme cost because the deeper they entrench the country into the socialized abyss the harder it is to get out … and the NDP can be worse.

  2. Romano still fails to tell us how his party will do business differently. I cannot vote for a candidate without a solid platform. So far he spends his time railing on the Liberals….ROSS…big disclosure here…WE KNOW HOW BAD THE LIBERALS ARE. We want to know HOW and at what COST you ARE GOING TO FIX THINGS.

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