Royal Canadian Legion Makes Hefty Donation To St. Vincent Place

Comrade Elane Turner, Poppy Committee; Comrade Ann Robichaud, Poppy Committee; Vince LaRue, Chairman of the Board; Nat Cicchelli, General Manager St. Vincent Place; Comrade Wayne Paulencu, President Branch 25 and Poppy Chair; Comrade Gwen Dinsdale, Poppy Committee; Comrade Ron Rouleau, 2nd. Vice President Branch 25 Sault Ste. Marie

St. Vincent Place is a not-for-profit men’s organization that helps out our Veterans with housing, food, clothing etc. here in Sault Ste. Marie. The donation of $10,764.83 was to purchase commercial grade refrigerators and a washer and dryer. The donation was made from our Poppy Fund.

The shelter and food bank at St. Vincent Place provides upwards of 11,000 meals/year, housing around 350 men per year. They also have long term (one month) and emergency (one night) rooms.

Vince LaRue, Chairman of the Board St. Vincent Place; Comrade President and Poppy Chair Wayne Paulencu; Nat Cicchelli, General Manager St. Vincent Place.
Comrade Wayne Paulencu, President and Poppy Chair; Nat Cicchelli, General Manager, St. Vincent Place