Sault Ste. Marie Community Theatre Centre Goes Hi-Tech With Big Improvements


With the generous assistance of Heritage Canada and the Algoma District School Board, the Sault Ste. Marie Community Theatre Centre has completed a two-year upgrade intended to make audiences more comfortable and to enhance the performing capabilities of local and touring performers. Heritage Canada provided grants totaling $161,730.00 toward project costs of $280,550.00. On Monday May 22, 2017 at 10:45 A.M. the Theatre Centre will express appreciation to Member of Parliament, Terry Sheehan and give him a hands on tour of the significant improvements that have been made at the Theatre Centre.

New digital lighting and sound consoles brings the Theatre up to prevailing industry standards. This sophisticated technology greatly expands the Centre’s capabilities by permitting pre-programing of shows that may also allow them to run automatically.

A new “JBL Vertec Line Array” of 28 high end speakers (increased from 16), tuned to deliver better audio coverage of the auditorium, compliments the new sound console. High and low sounds will be fuller and clearer. The system will also enhance a broader range of music, including pop, folk, musical theatre and voice. The new lighting and sound improvements should eliminate costly rentals.

The Centre has installed SMAART acoustic software that physically maps sound performance so that it can be tuned to provide better coverage for various types of sound.

Air flow sounds are now up to industry concert audio standards.  New seating maximizes the comfort of audiences. With professional acoustic advice, the Centre has enhanced its acoustic qualities over the years by the careful application of materials to walls, floors and seating, as well as the strategic placement of sound deflectors and a sound shell.

Audiences may now also enjoy their favourite beverages in an improved lobby space shaped by curtaining, in addition to the ambient lighting and television wall installed last year.

Most exciting, is the addition of a “Studio Theatre” located behind the main stage, with a separate and fully accessible entrance. This space has the same dimensions as the main stage, designed to accommodate a wide range of intimate performances. Theatre lighting and sound have been installed around an overhead catwalk. The space can be configured in a number of ways by a portable riser system with raked floor capability and comfortable portable seating accommodating up to 120 people. The space is suited to concerts, readings, drama and film.  Liquor licensing is also available to the Studio Theatre.

With well-lit walkways, plentiful and well-maintained parking areas, up-to-date industry standard technical equipment and comfortable, sound-friendly interior, the Sault Community Theatre Centre is the District’s premier performing space – ready to meet the needs of community and professional touring groups alike.

The Theatre Centre is an outstanding concert hall that consistently wins the praises of visiting performers.