Sault YMCA Gymnasts Qualify & Represent Northern Ontario in Provincial Gymnastics


The largest group of qualifying female gymnasts from Sault Ste. Marie, representing northern Ontario, are all athletes & teammates at the local Sault YMCA Gymnastic club. Making their provincial ranking are the following athletes:

Level 5 Keira Belle Lamming (ranked top 30 in the province)

Level 4 Emily Fleming, Kyler Grisdale, Brooklyn Thomlinson, Martina Montague

Level 3 Kayleigh Tucker

By far this is the largest group of athletes from Sault YMCA gymnastics qualifying to such an event. This is an accomplishment in itself as we had 6/7 eligible athletes qualify. This speaks volumes about our club and the current coaching staff. The gymnasts attended 3 qualifying meets, (Newmarket, Bracebridge, London) leading up to eligibility for their provincial ranking. They were ranked against athletes of similar ages & levels from the entire province of Ontario. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Provincial championships will be taking place early this June 2017 in London ON.

“All of our girls compete in all 4 events (vault, bars, beam, floor) doing compulsory routines. These gymnasts all bring various strengths to our team. We have gymnasts such as Keira & Kyler that are terrific swingers on bars; others such as Emily that shine through with their strong tumbling, Kayleigh floats her vault like no other, Brooklyn is solid on beam and Martina performs well under pressure. Keira is an all around consistent gymnast that is able to take feedback & correct her skills with determination.”(Head coach Danielle Lukenda) “All gymnasts have steadily improved their skills over the season. With such a sport anything is possible during competition; 1 fall or wobble can take a gymnast from 1st place to last.  I have expectations for all girls to have personal bests this meet. It has been a long season and for the most part all athletes have avoided major injuries.”

The coaching team for these athletes include Janet Kubik, Tony D’Agostino, Carmel Thomlinson, Danielle Lukenda. All coaches & fellow athletes wish their teammates the best of luck. The Sault YMCA gymnastic club is a non-for profit based out of the Sault YMCA.


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