Searchmont Station Historical Society suffers setback from theft

Searchmont Station Before its closure in the ‘94

Searchmont Station Historical Society learned Friday May 12th, that it had been robbed of its tools, which are needed more so this summer to get started on the rebuilding of Searchmont Station.

The society, was storing these items in a garage at the residence of lead Director Nathan Brown. It was discovered by the neighbour in the back that the garage seemed to have been forced entry a couple of weeks back, and it was re-secured.

Nothing more seemed different.

Upon entry, on Friday, the 12, it was noticed that a Ryobi Miter saw and stand were missing, along with a big tote, that contained hand tools, and other items, that had been purchased on behalf of the society, and those that had been donated. The amount of the theft is over $1100 dollars, and is a major setback to the Society. The group is still waiting for local police to attend to file an official report.

The tote was later discovered that day hidden in a back part of the garage, with seals removed, and the contents gone through and all hand Ryobi tools removed, batteries, and chargers, along with pry bars, and a number of miscellaneous tools.

The group is now, having to approach a number of companies in hope to replace some of these items. If anyone has any information we urge them to contact Sault Ste. Marie Police at 705-949-6300


  1. The SSHS does operate on a tight budget, and seeks funds from grants and donations. Donations can be made online, at our website:, by etransfer, or mailed to our short term address
    Searchmont Station Historical Society
    67 Walnut St
    Unit 1
    Sault Ste. Marie
    P6B 2E4

    The station itself we be rebuilt back to what it was in 1902.

  2. Didn’t realize this place was still standing, they better get at it soon before there is nothing left.
    They sure seem to be working on a shoestring budget and taking forever to do anything.
    I don’t think the thieves discriminate on who’s stuff they steal, good thing it was only $1100 and not $11,000. I would donate a bit to help if you post an address to do so.

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