SSMIC Welcomes New Business Development Manager

Image of John Prgomet, Business Development Manager, Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre

The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC) welcomes John Prgomet as its new business development manager, a role that has been key to driving science and technology sector development in Sault Ste. Marie since 1999.

In this role, John will lead and work closely with both public and private sectors to drive business growth, facilitate research and commercialize innovation in the areas of science and technology in Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma district.

John joins SSMIC with more than 25 years of experience, primarily in the Lottery and Gaming industry with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, where he was heavily involved in planning, organizing and implementing a wide variety of business and organizational initiatives, programs and projects. John has worked in and with many functional areas including human resources, marketing, sales, finance, administration and information technology.

“John’s significant experience in business and organizational strategy, business operations, regulatory affairs and compliance makes him a great fit to lead our business development activities,” said Don MacLennan, Acting Executive Director, SSMIC. “His experience, combined with his passion for Sault Ste. Marie and our information technology and science sectors, will allow the Innovation Centre to further develop and grow the local economy and establish innovative and new business opportunities.”

As the business development manager at SSMIC, John will lead the C2C Business Services division which includes business support and advisory services, program outreach and development, funding assistance, business planning, and overseeing the small business incubator and business acceleration program at SSMIC’s Accelerator Hub, 258 Queen St. East. In addition, John oversees the ICT (Information Communications Technology) program that hosts ICT workshops and facilitates funding for businesses in need of new technology for growth or startup. SSMIC’s YouLaunch division will also be led by John, which is Sault Ste. Marie’s youth entrepreneurship program, responsible for promoting youth entrepreneurship in the region for students and individuals ages 29 and under.

“Proud to call Sault Ste. Marie my hometown, I am aware of the many benefits that our city has to offer and am confident that we all want to see our community succeed,” said John Prgomet, Business Development Manager, SSMIC. “Sault Ste. Marie can take advantage of new and existing opportunities in the science and technology sectors and raise our profile as an innovative city. These sectors are key drivers to community and economic development, and underpin economic advances, improvements in health systems, education and infrastructure.”

“The ability to create, distribute and exploit knowledge has become a major source of competitive advantage, wealth creation and improvements in the quality of life and we have that opportunity in this city” continued John. “I am proud and excited to be part of a team that will continue to further these efforts in our city. I look forward to working with the SSMIC team, the community, and partner organizations to move forward together.”

John is based out of the SSMIC main offices located at 99 Foster Drive, Level Six, Sault Ste. Marie.


  1. Another non-productive tax-grabbing freeloader hopping off one sinking gravy train, onto Another. Would love to see exactly how much this silly taxpayer-funded waste of time has cost over the years versus how much tax input their ‘ventures’ have provided. Tsk-tsk

  2. Is this not the worst possible time for the city to be hiring anyone?
    There should be a hiring freeze across the board.
    They could have done quite nicely without this person for the time being.
    Every day it becomes more obvious that city hall needs a major cleansing.
    I think city council IS being too complacent despite what the mayor thinks.
    This city is in serious trouble.

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