Stock Car Racing Returns to Sault Ste Marie


After an extensive makeover and name change, Superior International Motorplex (formally Laird International Raceway) is ready to bring action packed, exciting family entertainment back to the community in the form of Dirt Racing.

The asphalt surface has been covered with over 300 loads of clay.  The newly surfaced track is 75 feet wide and will accommodate 4 wide racing.

It has been over 40 years since the area has seen a dirt track.  The closest dirt facility in Canada is over 750 km’s away, and over 320 km’s in Michigan.  Dirt track racing provides some of the most exciting and action packed entertainment out there, will cater to all motorsports fans and create and exciting new entertainment destination for the Twin Saults and surrounding areas.

4 Open Practice sessions will begin in June and Racing to follow in July.  The season will consist of 5 full action packed events.  The first 4 events will be on Thursday evenings and the season will end with a weekend show that will include overnight camping, community bonfire and live entertainment.  4 Spin-to-Win’s are scheduled with one big Demolition Derby to end the season.

As in previous years the Kids Club will be open during operating hours as well as the Pit Stop Café and beer gardens.  Seniors 70+ are now free to enter as well as children under 10 accompanied by an adult.

Classes participating will be the 4-Cylinders, Factory Stock, Modified and the new and exciting 700HP Outlaw Topless Super Late Models.

Converting asphalt cars to dirt is very cheap and will be as easy as swapping rims from side to side on the car and removing the sway bar and the windshield.  Dirt tires will last for 5-7 nights of racing, this will make racing more affordable.  Michigan Mods and ABC cars will be given a slower tire to even out the competition.  There will be no rule changes to 4-Cylinder, Factory Stocks or Modified.  Drivers will need neck restraints and tear away goggles or shields.

Superior International Motorplex is also offering an equal sponsorship package to all drivers that commit to racing the 5 night series, as well as high start pay and payouts.  All start money and payouts can be found on our website

And finally, our fleet of 9 school buses will be back in action for “Race the Bus” slideways style.

We at Superior International Motorplex are hyped for the opportunity to provide a new form of good fun family entertainment to all.  See you at the track.



  1. Everybody already read that on sootoday so why repost on this thread..sims and braz stepped aside who cares, and the track will carry on without them.. I think its gonna be somthing fun and different for people to check out..and what a great time to be around local racing with so many different options…you can love it or hate it but dont knock it before it even gets a chance to fly..

  2. “Exactly what will happen this summer at Superior International Motorplex, formerly Laird International Raceway, is now up in the air.

    Former Laird racer Jordan Sims and his uncle, longtime track announcer Greg Brazeau, stepped in earlier this year in an attempt to get the track back up and running as a dirt track. The two have stepped aside and are no longer involved with the track operations.

    It was tough,” Sims said of stepping away from the track. “Greg and I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get this thing going in the right direction.”

    Sims said rumours have surfaced which made preparations harder for the upcoming season and it was best to step away.

    Sims said control of the track has been given back to Varcoe and he doesn’t know what plans are for the track for this season, though he noted a schedule is up on the Superior International Motorplex website.”

    If Varcoe has anything to do with it, forget it.

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