The Ace has been Caught!


Group Health Centre Trust Fund concluded their first Catch the Ace lottery licence when the Ace of Spades was caught on Wednesday night. Sasha Chamberlin, Yvonne Kilby and their group play won the progressive jackpot of $9063.90 on week 13 of the Trust Fund’s weekly lottery, held Wednesdays at The Machine Shop.

Catch the Ace is a weekly draw with two prizes up for grabs each week: a weekly prize, handed out to the person whose ticket is drawn; and a progressive jackpot that grows every week until it is won. Every weekly winner automatically takes home a cash prize but in order to win the jackpot, they have to try to pick the Ace of Spades from a standard deck of 52 cards.

Sasha’s group picked the Ace of Spades with 39 cards left to choose from. Her group of 15 will split the prize winnings.

Over the course of the lottery, over $5700 in weekly winnings were handed out. Proceeds from Catch the Ace go toward purchasing medical equipment for Group Health Centre, which serves over 80,000 patients in our area.

“The support of our community has been instrumental in making this event successful”, said Teresa Martone, Executive Director of Group Health Centre Trust Fund. “Watching everyone come together on Wednesdays in support of our cause was definitely the highlight of the event”.

Since the Ace was caught, tickets will no longer be sold on Wednesdays at The Machine Shop. To keep up to date with future events, follow Group Health Centre Trust Fund on Facebook.