The Future of Small Business in Sault Ste Marie

Romano-Brown Meet & Greet

A Statement from Ontario PC Candidate Ross Romano

Over the last four months, I’ve spoken to a lot of local business owners in Sault Ste Marie and I’ve heard a lot of the same concerns. Many people in this community have sunk years of dedication and hard work into creating a livelihood for themselves. Now business owners are telling me they are worried for the future.

In fact, across Ontario, 42% of business owners say that they wouldn’t advise their children to start a business. Punishing hydro rates certainly aren’t helping, but business owners also have to deal with the excessive red tape created by 16 years of Liberal government. There are currently more than 380,000 regulations on the books affecting businesses, many of those are excessive and redundant. It takes an incredible amount of work to run a business. It makes me frustrated to see that the people who have chosen to work in and build our community are drowning under the weight of paperwork and costly regulations.

As your MPP, I’m going to fight to cut red tape in Sault Ste Marie. It is crucial to Sault Ste Marie’s future that we have a representative with the energy to go toe-to-toe with Kathleen Wynne and make life easier for business owners. Today, Lisa Thompson, the PC MPP for Huron-Bruce, introduced a bill to remove the debt retirement charge from the hydro bills of small businesses. These are the kind of steps we need to take to make working in Sault Ste Marie affordable.

Small businesses are essential to a thriving community. They are the backbone of any local economy. When my children are grown, I want them to be able to work and pursue opportunities right here in the Sault.
That’s the future I’m fighting for


  1. Let’s see, the liberals are going to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour; this will force business owners to try and do more with less employees. The liberals are reducing our hydro bill by 25%, only to dump the billions of higher costs to our future and our children’s future. The liberals have inked contracts with their liberal friends on the backs of you, the average taxpayer, that can’t be cancelled. We’ve lost 1000’s of good manufacturing jobs in this once proud Province because the cost to do business here is impossible. The “smoke & mirrors” approach by wynne’s liberals is working over time to get your vote. And folks, some of us will actually fall for this. Seriously ???????

  2. News flash. The debt retirement charge as well as the DELIVERY charge, AND the HST should be removed from EVERYONE’S hydro bill. Duh!

  3. I’m sure if you ask your kids if they want you to fight for their future in Toronto, or if they want to see and spend time with you every night here at home in the Sault, Mr. Romano, they’ll shout at the top of their lungs, “We want our dad to stay here with us in the Sault!!!”. Little kids just want to spend time with their parents.

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