Think Umbrella


So, I have been thinking a lot about my focus for the week. It has actually been quite eventful, within the confines of my mind. I have been pondering, reflecting, summarizing and reviewing a ton of information, memories, goals and details of my life, in order to maximize my joy, contribution and health.

All of this introspection has lead me to come up with a visual of what it takes for me to create and shape the direction I want to go. I kept thinking of rain. I imagined an individual who has the intention of avoiding getting wet, when stepping outside on a rainy day. If the goal was to come in contact with as little water as possible, what would it take to actually stay dry?

Rain boots? A rain hat? A rain coat? A poncho? Or an umbrella? Of course, I would suggest that if staying dry was the aim that using all of the previously mentioned items might do the trick. What; however, is the most essential resource of the above things? Most would say the umbrella and I would have to agree.

When we think of life as throwing adversity, stressors, problems, obstacles, or difficult issues at us, it is like it is raining outside, when we are on our way to an important function and we are fully dressed to the nines and all done up. We do our best to try to dodge the storm, protect ourselves from what is falling from the sky, run through the weather and shield our bodies from the water that is likely to ruin our hair, splash water on our nice clothes or dampen our spirits.

If we are prepared; however, our chances of coming out of the rain in good shape are more likely. We need the protective clothing or tools to help us along. It takes awareness of what we need, advance planning and preparation to get where we want to go. It is the same with our lives.

Yes, rain boots, hats, coats and ponchos will help, but an umbrella can be moved around as needed. It can cover a larger area. We can direct and operate the umbrella, depending on the direction of the wind. We have control over it, as we venture to our destination. An umbrella is a useful and essential resource and will make all the difference, when we need it. It is useless if we don’t use it and it won’t help us if we don’t open it up.

Our mind is like that. Our mind can be compared to the umbrella, when we are faced with life’s struggles. Our mind, when open, can protect us, shield us, lead us, guide us and allow us to move through difficulties. Our mindset can be our single greatest resource, when walking down this rocky road we call life, in the rain.

And yet, many fail to realize the power they carry on their shoulders. I love the following quote. It is what we can tell ourselves when we are stuck. It can inspire us to snap out of our funk or to abandon the beliefs that are not getting us where we need to be.

“Continuously examine your mindset—because with the right attitude…the facts don’t matter.” ~ Donna Smith Bellinger

As I thought of the rain and the importance of the umbrella, I was super conscious of ensuring that whenever I started to go to that nasty, toxic, negative and disempowering self-talk, whether I was angry, disappointed, frustrated, sad or irritated, I reminded myself to take a deep breath and realize that things always work out. I also had to repeat in my mind that I had the choice to allow my body to be filled with anxiety and that boiling pot of soup in my stomach or I had the choice to stay calm and collected, as I problem-solved the issue at hand.

My rain coat, boots, hat and poncho were all of the other smaller resources that I implemented this week including: soft and peaceful instrumental music in my vehicle; making a very comprehensive and full page visual list of the things that required my attention each day; decluttering and organizing a new space, closet, room, drawer, cupboard or bin throughout the week; making extra time to engage in activities that I enjoy and listing the blessings in each day, to replenish my energy.

It turns out that I have had one of the most productive weeks in a long time. I felt so proud of myself. I realized that when I set my mind correctly, the other things tend to fall into place. Even when there were tasks needing my attention, I was able to get on them with less drama, more clarity and with quicker efficiency and speed. My umbrella was wide open this week and I am grateful.

When your life is full of rain, use your umbrella. What are the facts that are holding you back from what you want to change? Try abandoning those facts, just for a day and take steps towards your best life anyways. You never know what might transpire. You just might find sunshine.

Here is a video of one of my seminars on the topic of setting authentic goals: