Waterfront and Tennis Centre Revitalization Building to be named The Franklin Prouse Centre


The generous support from local community members Franklin and Nora Prouse has brought Sault College one step closer to reaching its goal of revitalizing the Waterfront and Tennis Centre.

Sault College proudly accepted a generous donation from the Prouse family in support of this exciting project that will not only benefit our College, its programs and students, but also the community as a whole. In recognition of their generosity, the Waterfront and Tennis Centre will be named The Franklin Prouse Centre.

“We are tremendously grateful for the support received from Franklin and Nora Prouse,” says Dr. Ron Common, President Sault College. “Their commitment to our College and community is at the foundation of their generosity. Through this partnership, Sault College will be able to enhance the overall student experience, offer unique opportunities to both our students and community, and create a lasting legacy within our city. In recognition of this donation, we are more than proud to have this building showcase the name of Mr. Franklin Prouse.”

“Donating to the Waterfront and Tennis Centre is one way that we can support this amazing community that we call home,” says Franklin Prouse. “This centre will not only create life-long learning for students, but will also be enjoyed by community members for years to come. I am so proud to support this initiative and to help to further develop our city and foster new experiences for both students and Sault Ste. Marie families,” he adds.

Formerly known as RYTAC, the revitalized property – located on St. Mary’s river in the heart of Sault Ste. Marie – will support programming at our College, specifically the Natural Environment and Outdoor Studies programs, allowing for unique teaching and learning opportunities for our students. It will also provide seasonal access to waterfront and tennis activities for community youth and their families.

This revitalization will also include the construction of a new waterfront building and the renewal of eight tennis courts, which will be enjoyed by students and community members alike. The benefits of this project are all encompassing and will help Sault College attract and retain students as well as create employment opportunities within our community.

We’re just 15 percent shy of our fundraising goal, and are well on our way to offering our students and community an exciting new facility to learn and play! To learn more about this project or to donate, please contact Alisha Boldirev, Fundraising Campaign Coordinator, 705.759.2554 ext. 2665 or [email protected].