What do you remember from the televised debate?

Courtesy Shaw TV

Chances are, people that tuned into watch the final debate for the Sault Ste. Marie By-election Tuesday night  probably only remember of one of the candidates who caused a ruckus in council chambers.

John Turmel  representing the Pauper Party began yelling at the panel and audience gathered at the civic centre in the first hour of the debate.  The candidate would not sit down after many warnings by the moderator to “sit down”  Turmel was talking about climate change and the untruths about it.

At one point Turmel called the audience “clowns”  and dropped the F-bomb as well. Turmel said he knows this because he’s a trained scientist. The moderator ejected Turmel from the debate.

Courtesy Shaw TV

His microphone was shut off and Police were called to escort the candidate out of the building.   The televised debate by Shaw TV took a 20 minute recess. The debate continued with Debbie Amaroso for the Liberals, Ross Romano for the Ontario PC,   Joe Krmpotic, NDP, Kara Flannigan for the Green Party and Znoneofthe,Above for the None of the Above Party. Missing was Gene Balfour  for the Libertarian Party.

The Ring of Fire was a hot topic during the balance of the two hour debate. Other topics included high electricity prices and youth retention.

The Sault Ste. Marie By-Election will be held tomorrow, June 1st. Polls close at 9pm.




  1. It’s to bad Trumel has to resort to these tactics to wake the voters up to the B.S that has gone on for years. Same old promises. Nothing changes

  2. I agree Bri! Not all Fringe candidates are angry, I sure hope I don’t get lumped in with Turmel! I have tried to show a different option for voters, at least I am trying, and I have jumped in to help out The Soo with the 20 minute cleanup, donating blood, the Dog Walk, buying a ticket for all the raffles I could find, even sending roses from the Lions Club to CTV weather person Jessica Gosselin!
    Whoever you choose please do your Duty and honour the sacrifices of our veterans by getting out and voting! You can even hand back your ballot and say you Decline to choose any of us if you think None of us deserve your vote (None, get it? 😉

  3. Enough coverage of this clown already Journalists are feeding right into his trap. I am more interested in what the REAL candidates had to say. Somehow that is all getting lost due to this negative candidate.

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