Which Sault Ste. Marie by-election candidates are standing up for electricity consumers?


Ontario Clean Air Alliance asked the four main candidates in the Sault Ste. Marie by-election  a series of questions regarding energy in Ontario

They surveyed the candidates running in the provincial by-election in Sault Ste. Marie on where they stand on Ontario Power Generation’s request for a 180% price increase to pay for the continued operation of its high-cost Pickering Nuclear Station and re-building the Darlington Nuclear Station.

Kara Flannigan, the Green Party candidate, made it clear that she fully opposes OPG’s plan.

Joe Krmpotich, the NDP candidate, noted that despite Ontario’s over-supply of electricity, “in January 2016, the Ministers of Energy and Finance suddenly announced that they were scrapping long-standing plans to close Pickering by 2020 or sooner, and would instead keep the aging station open at least four years longer, costing ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars to generate electricity we don’t currently need … .The NDP’s plan calls for “an independent, fact-based evaluation of when to take Pickering offline.”

According to the Liberal candidate, Debbie Amaroso, “if continuing operation of the Pickering Nuclear Station and refurbishment of Darlington can ensure cost-effective electricity to fuel our province, than I am supportive of this plan.”

According to Ross Romano, the PC candidate, “Ontario’s ratepayers will benefit from the continued operation of the Pickering Nuclear Station and the refurbishment of the Darlington Generating Station.”

To read the Sault Ste. Marie provincial by-election candidates’ full responses to the questionnaire please click here.


  1. Nice to see that the Ontario Clean Air alliance believes in Democracy… Hopefully when the None of the Above Party candidates win seats at Queens party we will not give them the same treatment. Or maybe we will… This is a classic example of what is wrong with our democracy. Self appointed masters of public opinion that get to decide what we get to hear and not hear during an election… reminds one of the Broadcast Act requirement to provide balanced and equitable coverage to all candidates that enhances the political fabric of the nation our mainstream media ignores. At least Sault Online understands that one of the basic principles of journalism is to inform the public and not just be a propaganda vehicle for the old line parties to regurgitate policies they have not intention of honoring once elected.

  2. There are no “good” choices here, but if you vote anything besides PC you might as well not vote at all because it will just be a wasted vote. Anyone who votes for this out of touch fiberal party has more money than brains!

    • The Libs and Cons are really one and the same. One wears blue…one wears red..but they are both out to continue the bankruptcy of this province.This does not mean I support the NDP…they are just not even a consideration for me. I went thru the RAE DAYS.

  3. Do we really think ANYONE can fix this mess? None of the parties have put forth anything that is a quick fix…because there is no quick fix. The Liberals have put us into an economic downward spiral that will affect us for generations to come….and Debbie supports this !!!

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