Wynne disregards Ontarians by selling off majority of Hydro One: NDP

kathleen wynne

QUEEN’S PARK – During question period on Tuesday, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath blasted Premier Kathleen Wynne for ignoring the vast majority of Ontarians and businesses who want her to stop hiking already sky-high hydro bills by further privatizing Hydro One.

“Families, business owners, municipalities, NGOs – they have all told the premier, loud and clear to stop this wrong-headed sell-off,” Horwath said.

“People need relief from soaring energy bills, not to hear that the premier is doing more damage to our already broken system.

“Why does the premier insist on moving ahead with this ridiculous sell-off?”

Yesterday the Wynne government announced it is selling off yet another batch of shares in Hydro One that will give away majority control of Ontario’s most valuable public asset, Horwath said.

“Ontarians didn’t vote for this. The premier has no mandate to sell-off our public hydro utility, and Ontarians have been clear that they don’t want this sell-off to continue,” Horwath said.

“Electricity isn’t a luxury, and it shouldn’t be priced like one. By giving up the province’s majority stake in Hydro One, the premier is guaranteeing that Ontario families will continue to see their bills go up.

“Why does the premier want to drive up hydro bills for families, businesses, and municipalities?”

Horwath said that the premier put her opinion ahead of 80 per cent of Ontarians who oppose the privatization of Hydro One.

“She puts the interests of her party and her powerful Liberal friends and insiders ahead of the people of Ontario. Every. Single. Time.

“How arrogant and out of touch do you have to be to completely ignore 80 per cent of your constituents?

“Why won’t the premier stop looking out for the people at the top, and stop her wrong-headed Hydro One sell-off and finally show Ontarians the respect they deserve?”


  1. “How arrogant and out of touch do you have to be to completely ignore 80 per cent of your constituents?”

    Utterly and completely.

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