Wynne’s move to sell off more of Hydro One disastrous: Krmpotich


Ontario NDP candidate Joe Krmpotich issued the following statement about the further privatization of Hydro One, announced late Monday.

“Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals are now giving up the province’s majority stake in Hydro One. Premier Wynne clearly doesn’t understand how people are hurting as a result of the damage she’s already done to our hydro system — including families and businesses here in Sault Ste. Marie.

Monday’s announcement that Wynne will now sell off more than 50 per cent of Hydro One is unwelcome in the Sault. People are already paying massive hydro bills — a major factor in a growing cost-of-living crisis that’s making it harder for folks to get caught up, and get ahead. I think of Jamie LaCross, who I met just a few weeks ago, who told me that this winter, she had to shut off the heat and use propane heaters in the house to keep her little boys warm. I think of all those who are losing sleep over how to pay off the hydro bill while other costs are also piling up. Premier Wynne acts like she hasn’t had to pay her own hydro bill in years.

By selling off more than half of Hydro One, Wynne is following a Conservative playbook: this disastrous privatization plan was first proposed by the Conservatives in the last election.

New Democrats will fix the electricity system broken by private power deals signed by Liberals and Conservatives. We’ll cut hydro bills for everyone by about a third, and put Hydro One back into public hands where it belongs. And when Hydro One’s dividends go to the public instead of well-heeled and foreign investors, we’ll be able to keep those hydro bills down, and help fund hospitals, schools and vital public services.”