You may not want to eat out on May 17th!


On May 17th, at 6pm, restaurants may be a bit quieter, as many notable restaurateurs will be out toasting food legend, Enrico Ianni-Palarchio. Palarchio is launching his new book sharing his entrepreneurship secrets and recipe for a happy life, at a fundraising dinner.

The founder of Paesano Foods, Rico’s and Good Old Dad Foods, Rico’s Restaurant, Moviola Café, and The Godfather Restaurant (among others), Palarchio mentored many of the Sault’s current food industry owners and operators in their formative years.

“He put me in business,” said Giovanni (John) Cavaliere of Giovanni’s Restaurant. “Having a restaurant is what I always wanted to do, but he enabled me to make the leap… he’s a mentor of mine, and I read the book – it’s a very good story.”

The back cover describes the book, and Palarchio’s recipe for success: “Mix two countries, one war, ten parts hard work, a couple of mentors, a pinch of luck, a dash of ingenuity, a pound of persistence, and a man who wouldn’t quit; and you get a delicious story spanning six decades of entrepreneurial endeavours… [Rico] offers up sage guidance in entrepreneurship through tales of his colourful, tragic, and triumphant life in Southern Italy and Northern Ontario.”

“He trained all of us, there isn’t a restaurant in town that isn’t touched by him,” said Rosetta Sicoli, formerly of Thymely Manner, now general manager of the Marconi Club. He taught us to believe in ourselves, he trained us, gave us a chance to grow. I started as a dishwasher for Rico and he moved me through the restaurant to learn all of the facets of the business. Starting my restaurant was like a tribute to him, a thank you.”

The general public are invited to attend the fundraising pasta and meatball dinner event, to hear about the book, buy a copy and get it signed by the local author, Nadine Robinson, and Rico himself.

The dinner and book launch will take place at Superior Heights High School on May 17, 2017, at 6pm. Rico’s Frozen Foods is providing the food, with event service by Jason Zachary, Superior Heights culinary arts teacher, and his students. All proceeds go to Rosedale Public School’s graduating class trip to Montreal.

To secure a spot on the guest list for the May 17th pasta dinner and book launch call Nadine at 705-943-9972 or email her at [email protected] before 10am on May 15th. Dinner is $15 per adult, and $10 per child. Books can be pre-ordered in advance for $15, and a limited number of books will be available at the event for $20. More info is also available on facebook

“I’ve witnessed firsthand how hard he worked, how persistent he was, how fearless he was,” said his son, Richard Palarchio, of Rico’s Foods. “It was crazy at times, he had so many businesses operating at once, but I learned a lot from him and others can too with this book. What he made it through, he’s not your typical guy. Like Frank Sinatra, he did it ‘his way.’ He taught us that problems make you stronger, to stick to your ideas, and to work damn hard and things will work out.”

Forks in the Road: Adventures in Food Entrepreneurship with Enrico Ianni-Palarchio, the Man Who Never Quit, is also available online at Amazon at for $14.95 USD.