2017 City Taxes


The City of Sault Ste. Marie has received information from several outlets regarding the 2017 tax rates and their effect on properties in certain tax classes. The information that is being circulated to various businesses is being done without the knowledge or consultation with the City.

The City wishes to advise the community that this information regarding the tax bill for property owners is incomplete and the conclusions drawn from such calculations are misleading and deceptive. For the multi-residential, commercial and industrial classes, the information being provided does not take into account tax capping and clawback provisions, which phase in tax increases within these tax classes.

The City reminds property owners that their most recent final tax bill, which should be received by June 5, 2017, is in fact the only accurate and complete source of information regarding the 2017 taxes.

Property owners with questions on property taxes are encouraged to contact the City’s tax department at 705-759-5290 or email [email protected] for the most accurate information and to help further explain the tax levy rates, assessment base and ratios.