Alexander Henry, historic coast guard icebreaker returning home


Submitted by JB

The retired Canadian coast guard icebreaker Alexander Henry in the St.Mary’s river on it’s way to Thunder Bay Sunday afternoon, being towed by a couple of tugs. It is being put on display there.

“The icebreaker, which was built by the Port Arthur Shipbuilding Company was commissioned in 1959. It worked the Great Lakes until the mid-1980s, when the current vessel, the Samuel Risley, came into service.

For years, the Alexander Henry was on display at the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes in Kingston. When that facility lost its 40-year-old space, which included a dry dock that contained the icebreaker, museum officials floated the idea to sink the ship to the bottom of Lake Ontario as a dive tourism attraction.”

The ship will eventually turned into a museum in Thunder Bay. City council in the Lakehead city spent $125,000 to tow the ship from Kingston to Thunder Bay. Its expected to be open to the public in August.


  1. They were going to sink this boat for divers to explore but this was a much better idea to have it returned to where it came from originally for the public to view at it’s leisure.

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