ARCH Hospice Breaks Ground!

ARCH Hospice Breaks Ground
ARCH Hospice Board of Directors, as well as Elected Officials, and Construction, Architectural, and Project Leads commemorate the ARCH Expansion ground breaking with golden shovels in the ARCH garden.

Dozens of local area residents gathered on June 13 at 2:00pm in the Hospice gardens to celebrate ARCH Expansion ground breaking. At 4,800 square feet, the addition will allow ARCH the opportunity to grow existing programming and add new services to better serve local families.

The event provided an opportunity to thank generous supporters and donors who helped raise the $3 million needed for construction in record time. The successful general contractor, Jobst Construction, will begin this week with construction lasting 48 weeks.

“Our community shows its generosity and support time and time again. Each year, Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma provide the $750,000 in public support we need to care for your loved ones. But this year, we were shown something truly outstanding: each and every one of you went above and beyond. In addition to our ongoing funding needs, the community rallied to raise the $3 million we need for expansion.” – Theresa Mudge, ARCH Hospice Executive Director

Quick Facts

  • Successful general contractor: Jobst Construction
  • Total projected construction time: 48 weeks commencing this week
  • Final tender-projected costs of expansion: $3.03 million
  • Total funds raised for expansion: $3.1 million
  • $2 million from community donations, fundraisers, and the “Why it Matters” campaign
  • $1 million from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation
  • $51,400 for the Ontario Trillium Foundation

While our capital campaign has come to a close, I would be remiss if I did not also acknowledge and thank the community for the financial contributions we have received each year to support our care for local families. I know we can continue to count on you for your incredible generosity and commitment to ARCH. – Marie Paluzzi, ARCH Hospice Board of Directors Chair

Our Community’s Comfort

ARCH Hospice provides quality, compassionate care through end-of-life to Algoma District families at no cost. The emotional, spiritual, and physical comfort of Hospice residents and their loved ones is of the highest priority. ARCH offers a home-away-from-home during one of life’s most important moments: the end-of-life journey. With expansion, ARCH wants to enhance the care and support they provide to the community.

  • Provide new services such as paediatric palliative care, day hospice, and community outreach
  • Grow education services, supportive care programming, and grief support for families

“Today we share in this historic moment. Today marks the day we break ground and construction on the ARCH Expansion officially begins. Our successful General Contractor, Jobst Construction will be coordinating our expansion. We look forward to working with Paul Jobst and his team! What we are constructing over the next 48 weeks will provide expanded care to hundreds of families and their loved ones. ARCH expansion is an opportunity to keep families together and focus on what matters most.” – Theresa Mudge, ARCH Hospice Executive Director

ARCH Hospice Expansion

  • Paediatric Room & Family Vigil Space: at ARCH Hospice, we believe in keeping families together. A specialized paediatric room, outfitted with sleeper sofas, private family vigil space, and child-friendly décor and furnishings will best provide families with quality moments.
  • Children’s Playroom: kids need to be kids – especially when children and their families are experiencing the loss of a cherished loved one. A playroom will not only support siblings and peers of a paediatric resident, but also offer the comfort of play to the children and grandchildren of our hospice residents.
  • Garden Room: magic wands don’t make wishes come true, big hearts do. At ARCH Hospice we strive to fulfill wishes each and every day. Whether it’s enjoying a favourite meal, or leaving a legacy for your family, we believe positive end-of-life experiences are far too important to pass up. Big wishes sometimes need space to help fulfill them – especially when the family wants to experience them with the resident. The Garden Room will be a large multipurpose centre where we can fulfill wishes, invest in learning & development, and offer grief and bereavement support.

“Today marks a major milestone in expanding palliative care services in our community and the Algoma region. We are humbled by the overwhelming support and generosity of all those involved in getting us to this point.” – Marie Paluzzi, ARCH Hospice Board of Directors Chair