Capital Projects approved for ADSB


At Tuesday night’s Algoma District School Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees approved proceeding with the capital projects as identified at the meeting.  The Operations and Budget Committee met with Board staff to review projects prior to the Board meeting.  The committee is made up of Susan Thayer (Chair of the Committee) and Trustees Graham Lidstone, Brent Rankin and Vice-Chair of the Board Sheryl Evans-Price.  Ex-officio members of the committee are Chair of the Board, Jennifer Sarlo and Director of Education, Lucia Reece.

The Ministry of Education has provided Capital Priority funding of $1.5 billion for School Boards in 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years.  This funding is meant to specifically deal with Accommodation Pressures, Facility Conditions, School Consolidations and Renewal of schools.

A significant project key to executing the Board’s capital plan, which was recently approved by the Ministry of Education, is to renovate the former Alexander Henry School Site into the new Boreal French Immersion school to accommodate the growth in French Immersion students within the Algoma District School Board.

The Board will also be moving ahead with capital projects at the following schools as approved at Tuesday’s meeting:

Central Algoma Secondary School
Central Avenue Public School
Eastview Public School
Kiwedin Public School
Korah Collegiate 7-12 School
White Pines 7-12 School
Algoma Education Connection School (Prince Charles site)
Ben R. McMullin Public School

Funds received from the Ministry of Education in annual grant allocations for Capital Projects must be directed to this activity only. Funds not expended in a given year must be placed in specific reserves to be used for capital expenditures in future budget years. Total projects amount to approximately $20.5 million.