Catch the Ace will be Caught!

catch the ace

The George Wellington Esquire Club, “The Club”, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sault Ste. Marie MUST have a Catch the Ace winner on or before July 27th 2017!

Big Brothers Big SistersYou don’t want to miss out… great food, cold drinks, porketta sandwiches, and the chance to Catch the Ace jackpot!

Catch the Ace Raffle “MUST GO”, EXIT PLAN

Exit date is July 27th, 2017, draw at 9:30. Tickets will still be sold from 6 pm to 9pm as outlined in the RULES OF PLAY.

  1. Tickets will be sold from 6 pm to 9 pm on Thursdays.
  2. Cost of tickets is $5.
  3. Draw will take place at 9:30 pm.
  4. Must be present to win.
  5. Prior to the draw, the ticket sales for the draw, the draw prize and current progressive pot will be announced.
  6. The winning ticket will be drawn from the bin and be selected by the Licensee.
  7. This bearer of the winning ticket will receive 20% of the ticket sales of that draw date.
  8. At that time, if the Ace is not selected, we will draw another ticket from the bin and this winning ticket bearer will have the chance to “catch” the Ace for a chance to win the progressive pot.
  9. This continuous selection of tickets from the bin will continue until the “Ace” is caught.
  10. Once the Ace is selected, that winning ticket bearer will receive the progressive pot.
  11. Prize money will be paid by cheque in Canadian Funds.
  12. All draws will be video recorded by licensee and participants will be advised of this.


Previous Update: June 20th, 2017

Catch the Ace in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters Hits $10,000!!!

The George Wellington Esquire Club, “The Club”, the first organization in the city to hold a municipal license for this fundraiser, continues to provide community members the opportunity to enjoy fantastic wings, a cold drink, great atmosphere, porketta sandwiches and the chance to win some money every Thursday night… all in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sault Ste. Marie. Last week the lucky winner took home over $1,100, but graciously left the Ace of Spades and $10,400 in play… and the jackpot continues to grow!

This BIG initiative of the Esquire Club allows BIG opportunities for the participants of Big Brothers Big Sisters and BIG winnings for a lucky community member.

Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to extend our sincere thanks to the George Wellington Esquire Club for including our agency in this amazing fund raiser, and we can’t wait to see who the lucky winner will be!!  Sault Ste. Marie get out and support a locally run business, a youth mentoring agency and “CATCH THAT ACE!!”

Catch the Ace is licensed under number M763681.