City looking at charging employees for parking at Civic Centre


City council will ponder a motion by Ward 3 councillor Matthew Shoemaker and seconded by Ward 5’s Frank Fata to explore the possibility of charging Civic Centre employees for parking at the Civic Centre, the motion reads,

Whereas the Parking Review Committee has studied downtown parking and
recommended changes to modernize our downtown parking system; and
Whereas during the community input portion of their investigations, the
Parking Review Committee received significant feedback from residents; and

Whereas many residents noted that Algoma University, Sault College, the
Sault Area Hospital, Ontario Lottery and Gaming, Group Health Centre and
many other entities within the City charge employees for parking; and
Whereas the City must collect revenue wherever possible to offset tax

Now Therefore Be It Resolved that staff bring forward to City Council a
proposal to charge municipal employees for parking at all City-owned
buildings including the Civic Centre.


  1. So say at a going rate of $5 per day minimum, for 365 days per year, this would bring in $1825 per City Councillor for their private parking spaces.

  2. I thought they were paying all along, more snoozing on the city’s part.
    The mayor scolded Frank Fata for saying city council was being complacent, Frank was right, the mayor was wrong, watch and see the results of ‘sitting back waiting to see what happens’

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