City to ponder options to fill vacant council seat in Ward 6

Civic Centre

Sault Ste. Marie gained an MPP Thursday night, but now the City must decide what to do with the vacancy left from Ward 6 councillor Ross Romano.

Romano, was first elected as councillor for ward 6 in the last municipal election. Romano won a deciding victory in the June 1st by-election, to fill the seat left empty by former Liberal MPP David Orazietti.

According to Deputy CAO / City Clerk Malcolm White, the city has a few options on how to fill the empty seat for ward 6 at council chambers.

“A report will be submitted to the June 12th Council meeting detailing the options available to fill the vacancy (by-election or appointment). Unless a vacancy occurs within 90 days of a regular election it must be filled through either of those methods.” White told in an email Friday morning.

That means residents in ward 6 could be heading to the polls in the not so distant future.

Joe Krmpotich , who also ran under the NDP banner for the Provincial by-election lost by 1,800 votes, will now resume his duties as councillor for ward 6.



  1. The city is STILL in La La Land, which is unbelievable, they just don’t get how serious this situation is.

    They DON’T NEED more than on Councillor per ward, they don’t need to redo city hall, and they don’t need to do any studies or spend any more money on anything that is not imperative until this mess gets straightened out.

  2. There is an interesting article in today’s paper where a reporter muses that Wynne may call an election a early as September. It goes on to say she feels she would get the jump on the PC,s who have not announced anything except their love for the carbon tax. They are still finding candidates to run and she just might call a snap election…if her poll numbers continue to rise.According to the reporter the latest numbers have her ahead of the other 2 parties…amazing I say. We better watch out for old Wynne.I am not saying I agree with the article but it did make for a good read.

  3. Lets just make it simple AND cost effective…appoint the runner up in that ward for the duration of the term. Lets not have to resort to forming a committee to “study” the situation.

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