Could Ozzie Gandinetti return to council?

Ozzie Grandinetti is seeking re-election.

Ozzie Grandinetti could be returning as ward 6 Councillor in the near future, maybe..

The issue of filling the seat left vacant as a result of Ross Romano winning the Sault Ste. Marie by-election for MPP, June 1st.

Romano has already resigned from his ward 6 Councillor role. Council has a few options, to make an appointment or calling a by-election for that ward.

A by-election is more costly than council exercising their option of the appointment process.

Ward 2 Councillor Susan Myers along with Ward 1 Councillor, Steve Butland favoured an appointment since a by-election couldn’t be held until September at the earliest, leaving only a little more than a year in the position until the next municipal election.  The two Councillors wanted to speed up the process stating that Ozzie Grandinetti was third in the last election and he should be appointed as early as the next scheduled council meeting June 26th.

Mayor Provenzano however was hesitant to make a “rash” decision as were other Councillors.

Grandinetti placed third in the last municipal election, he was at the time trying to re-gain his seat in ward 6. He placed third by just 12 votes ahead of Wanda McQueen.

Ward 2 Councillor Sandra Hollingsworth was also in favour of fast tracking an appointment to Grandinetti. Hollingsworth herself was elected to council as a result of a by-election when former Councillor Terry Sheehan was elected as MP in the 2015 Federal Election.

The motion however was pulled when council voted to make an appointment over holding a by-election and hold off on the appointment process until the June 26th meeting.

Grandinetti has not formally come forward as to wanting the job. The one term former Councillor has also not made a written declaration to the city clerk.


  1. They still don’t get how serious this situation is. Mr. Fata’s statement “complacent” rings so true.
    They do not need to replace Romano, but get rid of one Councillor in every other ward, as well as putting other expenditures on hold.
    As usual the citizens shall foot the bill for another terrible decision.
    Watch the population drop even more over the coming months as people get tired of the SSDD syndrome.

  2. It is kind of sad that councillors cannot make what would appear to be a cost saving and speedy decision.I am surprised they are not forming a committee to “STUDY” the situation

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