Creating a masterpiece to combat crime


Three youths were spotted Monday morning with spray paint in hand,  marking the side of a commercial building on Second Line West at Goulais Ave., but City Police were close by.

It’s not what you think, these kids were allowed to spray paint – some would call it graffiti but at the end of the process it will be a mural depicting life in Sault Ste. Marie.

The initiative comes from Mac’s stores in Sault Ste. Marie explained Sonny Spina from Sault Police Services, ” We have partnered with Mac’s stores for a number of initiatives and this is another one” Spina said, “we decided to hold a contest with the schools in the area and local youth draw what they felt what was representative of the city and out of several hundred drawings submitted, four local youth were chosen and they are here today.

The students,  Joshua Eder Grade 8 from  Isabel Fletcher Public School,  Alexis Koehler, a Grade 8 student at Holy Family and Chloe Shier, a Grade 3 student at St. Francis School were there not only to see their work come to life in brilliant colour but to learn the art as well.

The students were joined by three Sault Police Services officers

A Grade 8 student at Holy Family Mitchell Hof was not able to attend.

The students were given a hands-on course in “street art” by Toronto artist, Magic Finnga Wong who has travelled all over Canada painting murals for Mac’s stores.

“Graffiti is just another form of art” Magic told “the vandalism comes from tagging, graffiti isn’t vandalism if you have the permission to do it”

Magic says most of the graffiti seen on buildings and other locations in town is vandalism but hopes when the mural is completed by Thursday the initiative will deter crime in the area.

Another Mac’s store will have a different mural done later this week on Wellington Street West with a Soo Greyhounds theme.

Magic will create the mural using ideas submitted by the students.




  1. Weak attempt at staying “hip”, Macs. It would have been a hell of a lot cooler if they had used a person FROM the community to paint something to BENEFIT the community. Shipping in a person from Toronto (paying travel and accommodations no less) seems like missing the point when there are people in all the communities that Mac’s operates in who would be willing (and in some cases better suited) to do the job.

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