Does an increase in the minimum wage benefit the North?


The following was released by the Northern Ontario Party

Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal party members are trying to influence voters again by dramatically increasing the amount employers and small business owners must pay their employees in a form of a minimum wage. This is something Andrea Horwath and the NDP has been pushing for since the last election. But is it a good idea for  Northern Ontario and our Fragile economy?

Perhaps it would be beneficial for the economy and the employees who are working for minimum wage to see a modest increase, but please keep in mind that our economy works like a balance scale. Small businesses that are already struggling will have a hard time keeping their doors open without raising their prices and/or laying off some staff. The corporate giants like the Walmart’s, the Tim Hortons, and the McDonalds can certainly afford the increase, but they will also be forced to raise their prices in order to maintain corporate profits (which is why they exist).

So by the Liberal Government forcing a huge increase in the minimum wage, The Northern Ontario Party believes everything we buy will have its price increased to meet the added cost to employers cause by this liberal promise. So by increasing the costs of basic needs, such as higher food prices and clothing, low-income earners will remain no better off. Actually, by increasing these low-income earner’s wages they may lose many of the support programs these people qualified for in the past because they are now making over the social program’s qualifying limit.

The real change will be for the middle-income earners who will now pay more for everything but won’t enjoy the $3 or $4 an hour wage increase. The people have worked their way up to the $16/hour job are now having their job devalued and are sitting in the low-income bracket again. Nice work Liberals!

High-income earners won’t notice much of a change at all. What we as a party believe in is laying the foundation to improve the economy of Northern Ontario in such a way that minimum wage will increase with the expansion of better jobs to the job market. Take a look at Fort McMurray or even Whitehorse. When the economy is healthy, and you have a proper balance of jobs vs available work, this forces companies to compete to get the people they need, meaning higher pay and prosperity for everyone.

You can make minimum wage at $30/hour if you like, but you still won’t be improving the economy as inflation will quickly match the increase. But…drastically lower the price of electricity, and make the other necessary investments to attract manufacturers to set up shop in Northern Ontario (like we’ve laid out in our platform).Then minimum wage will sort itself out. What do you, the voters, think people would prefer? A higher minimum wage or better jobs?

Tommy Lee

Algoma – Manitoulin Candidate

Vice President

Northern Ontario Party


Myles Clayton

Media and Social Media Manager

Northern Ontario Party


    • You got that right it’s very hard to make ends meet these days when your pension is at poverty level.
      They really need to cut down the ridiculous price of power and remove the delivery charge and HST from the bill. It’s killing us especially in the winter when our bills are more than the mortgage.
      Will things change, I doubt it as long as crazy Wynne is in power.

    • Dennis & Bert, you are absolutely right. Pensioners, as well as ODSB recipients will be the hardest hit and it seemed to go unaddressed in Wynne’s plan. We’ve been talking extensively about that online. The cost of living needs to be more managable.

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