Doug Ford Celebrates PC Win in the Sault


Famed Conservative supporter, Toronto councillor and brother of the late Rob Ford was in Sault Ste. Marie Thursday night to join in the celebration of the PC win for the riding. The first time since 1985 that the Sault will be represented by a tory at Queen’s Park.

Ford was only in town for the night but promises to return “I love fishing” Ford told Lynne Brown from


  1. Not sure what everyone is so excited about??? So Romano won… This election was a total waste of time as whoever won isn’t even get his chair warm in Queens Park before the next election..With the anti-Wynne sentiment anybody running a good-looking dog stood a chance of winning.. Only 43& of voters turned out so less than 20% of the Sault elected him… And what in Hell does Doug Ford have to do with anything here in the Sault??? That’s all we need is a Trump clone messing in our politics, we are screwed up enough all on our own….

    • Doug Ford has been a great city councillor for years in Toronto. You’re just comparing to Trump because he’s a little obnoxious and not typical politician

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