Horwath says Sault byelection has NDP looking to 2018

andrea horwath

SAULT STE. MARIE – Thursday’s byelection result shows the NDP overtaking the incumbent Liberals.

Speaking to community members and volunteers in the Sault Thurdsay night, Horwath was looking ahead to 2018.

“The much bigger fight lies ahead,” she said. “Just a year from now, the people of Sault Ste. Marie – and all Ontarians – will be given a choice not just to change a seat in the assembly, but to change governments. And we’ll give Ontario the choice to elect a government that’s focused on people.

“A government that puts Hydro One back in public hands, and lowers hydro bills for everyone by at least 30 per cent. A government with the courage of conviction to create the first universal Pharmacare program – a drug plan that covers everyone – no matter how old they are or how much money they make.”

Horwath says the year ahead will be about bold ideas to give every Ontario family the opportunity build a great life.

“Let’s never lose sight of who we’re doing it for,” she said. “We know who we stand with, and what we stand for.”
NDP candidate Joe Krmpotich said he won’t stop fighting for Sault families.

“The Sault hospital desperately needs better resources, and we need a government to take action to make sure Algoma can grow and start hiring again. It’s also way past time to get that Ring of Fire lit – along with the smelting facility that should be built right here in the Sault,” said Krmpotich, vowing to push the new MPP Ross Romano on those issues.

Both Horwath and Krmpotich congratulated Conservative candidate Ross Romano on a well-run campaign, and thanked the many volunteers and supporters that worked hard in the lead up to and during the election.


  1. the ndp propped up these liberals in minority several times in confidence votes and it led to the mess we are in. We should never ever forget this when we vote. These politicians need to learn somehow that there are consequences to their actions, everyone else learned this when they were children.

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