How is Summer shaping up for the Sault?


Here it is, the first day of Summer, with school coming to an end soon and a summer full of events from Canada150 to a new Fringe Festival, not to mention all the events in between. Many are wondering what kind of weather we can look forward to this summer. In a nut shell, what we’ve had so far will basically continue.

The long range 90 day forecast is calling for near normal temperatures and near normal precipitation. There will be periods of warmer weather followed by periods of cooler days.

No major heatwave is expected, though a few straight days of 30c is not out of the question.

As far as storms tracks go, expect more of what we’ve seen this Spring. Large storms are likely, especially in the hotter days of August,  the really hot temperatures will remain much to our south.

In general, temperatures this summer and right into September look to hover in the low 20’s to mid 20’s , again with a few hotter days scattered around.

Humidity might be another factor for the Sault and Area this summer, moist hot air will remain to our south for the most part but humidity could make its way north for several weeks this summer, but no major stretch of uncomfortable weather is expected.

This forecast was based on information from Environment Canada, The National Weather Service and the weather network.


  1. Some models show ABOVE NORMAL summer temps. It is getting hard to follow with so many forecasts out there. It seems like we are destined to have a cool summer based on what is happening this month. I can do without the humidity so temps in the mid to upper 60’s sounds great.

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