Letter: Bait & Switch: The Greater Fool


By Drew Craig, Founding President of Ginger Ganja Group Corporation

’Real Change’

This was the election slogan (Not far off from Obama`s `Change`) for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Regime in their hostile takeover of the Canadian Federal Government & with the ‘meddling’ of the Kremlin in various elections around the world. One might think it is safe to assume that maybe they might have started the shockwave that ended up being the ‘Red Wave’ that sent Justin & Sophie on the road to 24 Sussex Drive (or Rideau Cottage as it were because Sussex was in such need of apparent repairs) because like the manchurian candidate, easily manipulated or like Donald, unknowingly being controlled from afar.

Directly from the Liberals website, `Canada’s current system of marijuana prohibition does not work. It does not prevent young people from using marijuana and too many Canadians end up with criminal records for possessing small amounts of the drug. Arresting & prosecuting these offenses is expensive for our criminal justice system. It traps too many Canadians in the criminal justice system for minor, nonviolent offenses. At the same time, the proceeds from the illegal drug trade support organized crime and greater threats to public safety, like human trafficking and hard drugs`.

Ok so I am of Scottish heritage & from a blue collar third generation Steelworking family, so I don’t beat around the bush, I’ll beat you with the bush. Actions speak louder than words & if you are not a man or woman of your word when your talking, I will usually wear hip waders around you so that I can safely walk throughout your bullshit.

Back in October 2015, Justin announced that the Liberal Regime was planning to work ‘right away’ on cannabis legalization legislation but that it could take weeks or months. Since 2015 I have worked in the Medical Cannabis Industry & been a unionized Steelworker in various positions since 2008. These experiences taught me that government & unions work, but to the pace of the regulatory system that they are bound to.

With that being said, I knew that it was going to take at least one year to implement any proposed laws. This is not taking in account the time to draft, table, amend & pass into law at least one year. This also is not what he told most of the citizens that actually voted for him or at least what they were lead to believe.

One thing I think that everyone is beginning to see, is that the ‘Honeymoon’ period for them is finally over. It’s too bad that interim leaders Tom Malcair & Rona Ambrose haven’t been holding the Government accountable like the way the have been landing haymakers to Justin’s chin with answers like ‘We really could replace him with a cardboard cut out & his peanut gallery wouldn’t know the difference’ (March 23rd, 2017 Question Period). Because they haven’t gotten a hell of a lot accomplished since taking office.

Since being in power (today June 6th, edit out for publication) for 578 days they have come through on 44, started drafting 63, not started 87 & broke 30 of 224 election promises. Of the ones they have broke are run short-term deficits of less than $10 billion in each of the next two fiscal years 2016, 2017), invest $6 billion more in green infrastructure over the next four years, invest an additional $775 million per year for job & skills training, reduce small business tax rate to 9% (from 11%), phase out subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, create a common, quarterly & more detailed parliamentary expense report, end first-past-the-post voting system & explore alternative electoral reform options to name a few but you can kind of get the narrative from the couple I mentioned. But hey, I shouldn’t be so hard…  Of the many immediate promises they did immediately restore the mandatory long-form census & double number of applications allowed for parents & grandparents to 10,000 each year.

One issue that they are apparently starting to tackle is the mandatory minimum sentences for various criminal offences yet they tell their Police Forces to enforce the Harper Regime’s same laws & attacking Medical Cannabis patient’s & activists harder than Harper did (another page out of Obama’s play book). Wasting valuable time, money and resources to arrest the Cannabis Culture Five in Project Claudia (Marc & Jodie Emery, Chris & Erin Goodwin & Britney Guerra) , the Calgary Police Force & Crown attempting to convict Dana Larson for giving away 2.3 Million High CBD seeds last year (He has already given away over 1 Million High CBD seeds this year & aiming for 5 Million in total by years end) & wasting two days of precious court time for something that is going to be legal in about a year & for a victimless crime when that could be spent on murders & rapists.

You might be asking yourself why? Along with many others. It might be that if Cannabis becomes legal recreationally, that all of the Police Forces from coast to coast to coast, could not justify the size of their manning, equipment & budgets. Oh no, NOT their MONEY!?!

Now another reason is because of the Jordan Ruling & the Harpers Regime’s attempt to drag out trails & drain out the ‘Accused’ financially, mentally & spiritually. That married with the now unconstitutional Mandatory Minimum Sentences, it was as though the Harper Regime was turning tricks to our Prison System like they were in the ‘Red Light District’. It`s easy to create a false demand to make profits but to imprison your own citizens while doing so, that is extremely egregiously insulting.

We are lucky in Canada, that our Supreme Court’s seats are filled with Justices that understand the social & political climates of this great country. The SCC ruled against the Regime & moving forward, Police Forces & Crown Attorneys have `Presumptive Ceiling`of 18 months from charges to trial on criminal cases in Provincies & ceiling of 30 months from charges to trial on criminal charges in Superior Courts or cases tried in Provincial Courts after the preliminary inquiry. Because of this ruling, that is why after Project Claudia (90% of the clients of one Law Firm have had their charges dropped) , most of the arrested moved to have their cases along & effectively clog the criminal court system.

Our court system is currently in shambles, as we know locally to the massive, timely & money spent with barely anything to show for. But the Liberal Regime are adamant that the current court system clog would not be alleviated by ‘just appointing Judges’. They have only appointed 15 since being in power. There are currently 2, 3, 1 vacancies in the Federal Court of Appeal, Federal Court & Tax Court of Canada respectively. Broken down by province & territories there are vacancies on the following benches, Alberta: 4 on the Queen’s Bench, British Columbia: 3 Court of Appeal & 9 Supreme Court , Manitoba: 1 Court of Appeal & 1 Queen’s Bench Family, New Brunswick: 1 Queen’s Bench Trail & 1 Queen’s Bench Family, Newfoundland & Labrador: 1 Appeal Division & 2 Trial Division, Nova Scotia: 1 Court of appeal & 3 Supreme Court, Nunavut: 2 Court of Justices, Ontario: 3 Court of Appeal, 2 Family Court & 12 Superior Court of Justices, Prince Edward Island: 1 Trial Division, Quebec: 6 Superior Court & Saskatchewan: 3 Queen’s Bench. That is a total of 62 vacancies, only filled 15 of a total of 77 equals 19% appointments in over a year & a half.

Make no mistake, it’s just Prohibition 2.0 & the proposed egregious changes that could allow a Peace Officer to demand a blood or saliva sample from anyone whom they suspect was operating a motor vehicle within 2 hours, anyone they pull over or anyone at a ride program. That & saying that Recreational users whom would not know the effects of Cannabis on their body the same as Medical Cannabis users, are allowed to operate a motor vehicle 2 hours after last intake vs the 4 hours that Medical Cannabis Patients are mandated by the regulations to operate the same motor vehicle. Another hypocritical piece of the growing end is that, for example, if someone is prescribed 5 grams per day & they were only growing outdoor, they could grow 10 plants & have a maximum storage of 3750 grams or 8.4 pounds vs the proposed legislation that limits 4 plants per household at a maximum of 100 cm of height but no storage limits. This is just proof of the their extreme disconnect or their way to keep the prison system fed. Time will tell if he attacks us Cannabis Patient`s the same way Obama did states side.

Or not, the Regime keeps stressing that they want to include Cannabis in with Alcohol & Tobacco (both proven harmful substances that can kill) for regulations & what not. Yet when it comes to punishment for selling to minors, their true colours come out in Spades! Because the regulations vary from Provinces & Territories we are just going to focus on Ontario. An individual that or his/her supervisor who serves Alcohol to a minor may be subject to fines & prosecution. The fines start at $100-$500 for the individual & up to $500,000 for a corporation. As well, depending on the circumstances, the licensee may have their licence suspended for a minimum of 5 days.  Lastly, if an individual buys for a minor, they could face up to 1 year in jail & a fine of up to $200,000. Retailers selling Tobacco to minors face fines up to $10,000 for first offense & $150,000 for a third.

Now let’s compare this to the Liberal’s Remiges proposed legislation for selling Cannabis to minors. Do it, 13 YEARS IN PRISON!!! Just a slight contrast for something they says is some what the same even though it is actually helping you live longer rather than killing you or maybe that’s what happens when you put a Undercover Cop in charge of legalization.

I knew Justin’s Liberal Regime was full of shit when he immediately did not send out a mandate to the all the Police Forces that possession for small amounts, medical personal production & similar related criminal offenses were to not be enforced. Because it is that simple!

I have been quoted in an interview this spring & I will reiterate, that the Cannabis Voters, are not as naive as the Gun Registry Voters, in that we ( I voted NDP by the way) will not be strung along from election to election electing a party back on broken promises or a promise that comes years later & imprisoning those same voters.

Just ask Kathleen Wynne, she`s trying to pull everything out to get herself re-elected. By trying to raises to minimum wage, mandatory vacations, 25-30% rebate (Only for Hydro One customers! On Algoma Power, you already get 8%) for hydro rates which is the pissing on me but tell me it’s raining analogy seeing that hydro rates have gone over 40-45% under her Power! Shamefully!

She is so toxic, David ran for the hills, saying he wanted to spend time with his family. Or was it that he didn’t want to actually work unless his party is in power, seen that sinking ship & abandoned it for the higher paying Private Sector.

The scary thing for Medical Cannabis Patients was her rapid flip-flop on letting us medicate wherever we so choose to lumping us in with the Cigarette Smokers & the new Smoke-Free legislation. Effectively segregating us in with a group that second-hand smoke has been proven harmful. I thought that an elected lesbian Political Official would act with the compassion of the past that Gay & Lesbian Activists that fought for her to be open & proud. Not more segregation.

Oh yeah, by the way, this great leader with a 12% approval rating is in charge of the our Provincial Taxes & Distribution for Recreational Cannabis. Just so you know, according to figures the Government used, the price of a gram dried cannabis on the black market is roughly between $8.32 – $9.36 depending on bulk pricing & what not. Let’s also include other prices like 1 gram of Shatter (Oil Concentrate 80-90% purity) for $80-$100 & 1 gram of THCA (99.9% purity) for $250-$300. Comparing this to Health Canada’s approved Licensed Producers average price per gram of dried Cannabis of $9.12, Medical Craft Cannabis Growers Shatter for $35 per gram & roughly $200+ per gram of THCA at Dispensaries.

For example with just a 10% taxes on the LP price of $9.12 that is 91 cents to $10.03 & between $.67 – $1.71 vs the black market. This also isn’t taking into account the Regime`s great idea to charge more for higher THC (& lets probably throw high CBD in here to for the amendment stage) content in flower, concentrates, edibles & topicals. I wasn’t greatly shocked to see that with their ACMP regulations, did not include a mandate for LP`s to charge Patients slightly above the $2 per gram that it was proven patients could grow vs draining their entire pensions that would be required to purchase dried cannabis only & solely to an LP (the Allard Ruling) patients would also be required to destroy all the strains that they bred for their medical needs & only purchase whatever strains that were offered by the LP that they signed up with, seeing that us Patients did not have any Lobbyist on our payroll to have input on the regulations on our behalf.

For this to successfully work, the Provinces & Territories should charge the same taxes as they did after Alcohol Prohibition, 0%, for at least 3-5 years to effectively `Snuff Out` the `Black Market` & take the away all the benefits from profiting from illegal cannabis manufacturing & sales, regulate & work with Dispensaries. Being that it is the way that the majority of Medical Cannabis Patients prefer to acquire their medication if not growing for themselves.

I really hate to quote a guy from fb here but it really rings true, `The only people who buy from LP’s are Newbies & Dummies`. I really dislike the dummy part, but I was played for one by my first prescribing MD whom I later found out was being compensated from the LP I signed up with when I made medical purchases. He also encouraged me to buy my months worth of medication at a time, which almost lead to me losing my property due to the very high costs from the LPs. This all before Health Canada mandating that they test their products for various pesticides & mold, while some were using the same banded products.

The latest scary news that has come out this past week is Bill Blair saying that the bill C-46 (driving act amendments) might be passed into law before C-45 (Cannabis Act) when I was told & many of us know that they do not have any type of testing device to accurately test for THC blood levels & that by the time it would be passed into law the Regime would have the testing devices in place. Apparently not. Then the news that Patients of the LP’s are experiencing shortfalls of certain products despite comedic irony of data showing surplus inventory.

You fool me once, shame on you. The bait & switch only showed Justin & his Liberal Regime for what they truly are, the same old lying, over regulating, overspending bleeding Grits. If you cannot truly see through their bullshit, you are the GREATER FOOL!

For further info regarding Ginger Ganja Group Corp. visit www.GingerGanjaGroup.ca


  1. Way too long winded Drew.
    If you are waiting for mj to be legalized you’ll have to wait several more years as it will be tied up in red, blue, orange, and purple polka dotted tape for a long, long time.

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