Liberal Minister says Driver’s License Fees Not Going Up


The Minister of Transportation says the fees for G1 and G2 will not being going up as announced Thursday by the Ontario PC’s

In a statement issued Friday morning the Liberal Minister debunked the information about driver’s license fees increasing July 1st.

“Patrick Brown and his Conservative Party have been making false claims today about how much it will cost you to drive in Ontario come July 1st. I want to be very clear that there will be absolutely no increase for drivers completing their G1 and M1 knowledge tests on July 1st. The fee for G1 and M1 knowledge tests will continue to be $15.75.”  Del Duca said in a statement.

Part of road safety is ensuring that commercial drivers are properly tested and licensed. This is why, in addition to introducing Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT), MTO has updated the knowledge and road tests for all commercial licences (A, B, C, D, E and F) to ensure new commercial drivers can demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to drive safely.” Del Duca said.

On Thursday, the Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown issued a media statement and also spoke to Northern Ontario Media about the increases.

“It’s appalling they chose Canada’s 150th anniversary to increase these drivers’ fees, and we can only guess they did it quietly because they wanted nobody to notice,” said PC Leader Patrick Brown. “Is this Liberal government so desperate for cash that it has to make life more expensive for drivers across the province?”

Del Duca responded , “The cost associated with this change will only apply to commercial drivers, not to the majority of drivers (78%) who write the G1 or M1.”

THE MTO has updated the website to ensure that the information is accurately communicated to those wishing to take their G1 or M1 knowledge test post-July 1st:


  1. Del Duca also mentioned in his response (not printed here) that this is one of the measures that Don Drummond suggested. Yes, that Don Drummond, the person who warned the Liberals that their reckless spending was out of control and the province would be saddled with a crippling debt.
    How convenient of Del Duca to quote Drummond on increasing taxes, but his government completely ignores his requests to cut spending.
    Keep holding these liberals accountable Patrick. There is a lot more waste to this liberal government that lies beneath the surface.

  2. Patrick Brown continue to convince me he is NOT the person to lead his party into the next election. So far he has done nothing but criticize the Liberals(who deserve it)…but..Mr. Brown…we all KNOW ALREADY how terrible they are. By now I expected a major policy statement on HOW YOUR PARTY is going to go about curtailing the spiraling costs to Ontario residents. If Wynne calls a snap election…it is obvious you are not ready for that battle.

  3. Patrick Brown should remain silent and be thought stupid rather than speak up and remove all doubt, but the liberals should all resign now and avoid the heartbreak when they lose at the next election.

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