Liberals to hike fees for Ontario drivers once again on July 1st


The Wynne Liberals have quietly snuck in a regulation that will make drivers’ license tests more expensive starting on Canada Day. This adds to the burden of other fee hikes this government has saddled drivers with over the past few years.

Everyone writing driving exams, including first-time drivers hoping to get a G1 license, will find themselves spending more, as this fee will increase to $23.25 on July 1st. This represents a roughly 133 percent fee hike since Kathleen Wynne became Premier in 2013.

On top of that, the cost of drivers’ road tests for Class A through F licences will increase to $96.75, which represents a 29 percent increase since 2013. This fee hike will affect truck drivers, school bus drivers, ambulance drivers and many others.

“It’s appalling they chose Canada’s 150th anniversary to increase these drivers’ fees, and we can only guess they did it quietly because they wanted nobody to notice,” said PC Leader Patrick Brown. “Is this Liberal government so desperate for cash that it has to make life more expensive for drivers across the province?”

This isn’t the only fee increase Ontarians has seen over the past number of years. Last September, the Wynne Liberals jacked up vehicle sticker renewal fees for licence plates to $120, which is 33 percent higher than in 2013.

“This just goes to show that the Liberals are completely out of touch with everyday Ontarians. Every year we see more fee increases. Under the Liberals, Ontarians pay more and get less, and they seem set on making it worse,” added Brown.


  1. I bet those old stickers were on the back of trucks…The new one would be on the front, which is why you’d still see the old stickers on the back! At least I’d hope…I also seem to get pulled over each and every time a headlight burns out…Same day it burns out, but yet I see hundreds of people driving every week with one headlight…Things that make you say hmmm

  2. Let’s tread softly folks. There’s many out there, who may be a bit dillusional, who still think wynne & side-kick justin are doing just a marvellous job. Seriously ???? Remember folks, we get one kick at the can, and that’s at the ballot box in 2018 & 2019. Can anyone seriously imagine 4 more years of wynne & justin. Ohhhhhh my God !!!!

    • I have also seen many with long past due expired stickers up to 2012 …
      If I can get nailed for being one day past my birthday because it’s Sunday… you would think they could find those ones…. in many areas.

    • The only party that will be going extinct in Ontario is the Conservative Party! You think they will change things? Not raise fee’s for things like Driver’s Licenses or not block the raising of Hydro Rates? Give me a break. The Conservatives have never ever given a crap about the working poor, poor or middle class in Ontario let alone Canada. They only care about the Rich and Corporations, otherwise the last time they were in power they would have closed the loopholes for Corporations to dodge their taxes. And they would have raised the taxes on the wealthiest in Ontario and made sure that more affordable housing was being built. The last time a Conservative was elected Premier he cancelled all affordable housing projects that had not broken ground. What a great Premier he was…NOT! And I have no faith that this current leader is any better. In fact I believe he is just as nasty as the last 2 Conservative Premiers this province had!

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