Local Crime Stoppers “Star” Picks Up Provincial Award

Left to Right Deputy Chief Sean Sparling Cst. Henry Jin Chief Robert Keetch

Crime Stoppers Coordinator Cst. Henry Jin was awarded the Coordinator Achievement Award at the Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers Conference earlier this month. The Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers represents 38 local programs across the province of Ontario. The Coordinator Achievement Award is awarded to the Coordinator who excelled at their responsibilities through a clear demonstration of leadership, integrity, and dependability.

“Dedicated, motivated and enthusiastic are but 3 superlatives describing how valuable Cst. Henry Jin is to our program.” said Tom Burmaster, Chair of the local Crime Stoppers Board of Directors.

Cst. Henry Jin is an officer with the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service who shared an interest in Crime Stoppers long before he officially joined in 2013. He helped with producing videos for the organization for years before his secondment. When Henry joined the Crime Stoppers program his role was considered part time, he holds 5 other positions with in the police department.

He secured the Northern Ontario Heritage Grant for the agency, which granted us 90% of the wages for a part-time Fundraising Coordinator for the last two years. He works on Crime of the Month, Crime of the Week, and Wanted Wednesdays faithfully ensuring that we get the best possible coverage in the media. He attends the Crime Stoppers Board Meetings consistently to offer support and guidance to the directors. He supports and assists with all the fundraising events often investing of his own personal time. He manages our Crime Stoppers Patrol program and a newly created Notification of Community Crime (N.O.C.C.) program which requires him to go our with the patrol students knocking on doors in the community spreading awareness of crimes being committed in their neighbourhood and how to protect themselves and prevent crimes in their area.

The 2016-year marked the most successful year for Crime Stoppers in Sault Ste. Marie & Algoma District. We saw a 35% increase in tips, 102% increase in charges, 64% increase in arrests, and 610% increase in recovered property and drugs. Henry was instrumental in our programs success.

With the many responsibilities that have been assigned to Cst. Henry Jin, what has impressed me the most is his ability to adapt, not so much to adversity, but to knowing what has to be done out of necessity. This speaks volumes of his time management and organizational skills.” said Tom Burmaster, “On behalf of the directors, I would like to congratulate Cst. Henry Jin on achieving this prestigious award.”