Mayor wants to see Memorial Gardens back


Sault Ste. Marie Mayor, Christian Provenzano wants the Essar Centre renamed, back to Memorial Gardens.

Essar still has one year left on the 10 year naming rights agreement, something the company has paid for in full, $1.2 million.  Provenzano is reacting to concerns from the community that the name remains despite the company owing millions to the city in back taxes.

Essar also has naming rights on other buildings in the city, namely Sault College and Algoma University has newly built wings named after Essar for their donations to the educational sector in the city.

Provenzano has discussed the matter with the CEO and President of Essar Steel Algoma (now named and re-branded to Algoma)

The Mayor is expecting an answer from the company soon.

Regardless, the decision is not the Mayor’s but council to vote on any name for the downtown sports and entertainment centre.



  1. While I do not disagree with the name Memorial Gardens, it should still go to competition for naming rights as a revenue generator for the facility. ie. “X COMPANY Memorial Gardens”, replacing the word Centre.

    The City is desperate for added revenue and has gone as far as tabling garbage can advertising as an option. This is a much larger opportunity.

  2. Here’s a better idea. Replace the signs and see if they have the nerve to even mention it after the way they have devastated this city and numerous contractors and businesses’ livelihoods.
    If they had ANY sense of decency and responsibility you wouldn’t hear a peep.

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