Minister of Energy responds to PC Leader’s claim of Natural Gas Prices Going Up


The following statement was issued today following a story published yesterday on regarding PC Leader Patrick Brown claiming that natural gas prices are on the rise.

The statement was sent to from the the Office of the Minister of Energy, Glenn Thibeault.

“Patrick Brown and the Conservatives are choosing once again to mislead Ontarians about natural gas rates. What they refuse to acknowledge is that fluctuating global natural gas prices are largely responsible for what consumers around the world pay to heat their homes. The same is true here in Ontario.

Recognizing this, the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) quarterly rate adjustment is a regular update that ensures stable consumer pricing, and avoids significant price swings that can happen with global commodities. It’s an important part of the OEB’s mandate to protect Ontario energy consumers, and ensure fair, transparent pricing across the province.

With the market price of natural gas rising across North America since this time last year, prices here have increased as well. Despite this increase, natural gas prices remain lower today than they were in 2014 and for much of the previous decade. Gasoline prices are also at their lowest level in seven years heading into the Canada Day long weekend and experts predict they will remain this low for the rest of the summer.

Natural gas is an important part of our energy supply mix, and this government is committed to making it accessible and affordable. That’s why Ontario is providing $100 million for the new Natural Gas Grant Program, expanding access to natural gas for communities that do not currently have service, including those in rural and Northern Ontario and First Nations communities.

While the opportunistic Conservative leader is spinning this, the OEB’s announcement is a regular pricing update to reflect global commodity prices. Suggesting otherwise is a complete fabrication.”


  1. Isnt Glenn Thibeault wynnes lying little lapdog who took the liberal bribe to run after they kicked Andrew Olivier to the curb?? Ya who doesnt believe him?

  2. Article in today’s Toronto Sun:
    $1B worth of energy wasted last year: engineers
    Ontario wasted $1 billion worth of clean electricity in 2016, according to the province’s professional engineers.
    The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, a non-partisan body, which represents the province’s engineers, says it has crunched government hydro numbers from 2016 and they show that 7.6 terawatt-hours of clean hydro went down the drain that year. That’s equal to the amount required to power 760,000 homes – or $1 billion worth of electricity – said the group’s past president Paul Acchione.

    NEED WE SAY ANYTHING MORE ABOOUT THESE Ontario liberals ???? I’m just curious, not being a lawyer, but what part of this unbelievable act of mismanagement is not criminal behavior ?? Inquiring hard working and frustrated taxpayers really want to know. Does anyone know ??? Seriously folks !!!

    • The lot of them should be thrown in the hoosegow for squandering billions in their numerous scandals and screw ups. Where else do repeat criminals get off scott-free?
      The upcoming election cannot come fast enough for my liking!

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